The Family That Plays Spin The Bottle Together

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Relatively speaking, they have boundary issues.

Executive Producers Greg Porper & John Schimke
Writer Greg Porper
Director Greg Porper
Editor John Schimke
Director of Photography John Heppe
Cast Cat Alter as Allie
Dana Bretz as Aunt Shelly
Jamie Kaler as Uncle Wayne
Kiel Kennedy as Kyle
Deanne Mencher as Gram Gram
John Ogden as Grandpa
Christine Santana as Cousin Connie
Brendan Scannell as Cousin Donny
Reese Witherspoon as Neighbor who doesn’t show up
Creative Consultant Kiel Kennedy, John Schimke
1st Assistant Director John Schimke
Unit Production Manager Rob Goldman
Sound Recordist Martin KIttappa
Sound Mixer John Schimke
Colorist George Diaz
Music Josh Burns
1st Assistant Camera Jack Ho
Grip Jack Ho
Artwork John Schimke, Brett McGuire
Special Thanks Adam Bonyton, Michael Post, Chuck Hayes, Brett McGuire, Jared Isham
Production Company Pro Key Entertainment


Send help says:

Everyone with me SWEET HOME ALABAMA

Jospeh says:

This is Get Out for white people

Austyn M says:

I saw the title and thought wha??

Slumlord Dawg says:

They are in a circle, like their family tree

Dark Punk says:

I only got one thing to say……………….SWEET HOME ALABAMA

Jason Georgiou says:

Let me guess….Alabama?

Jack Manning says:

Who are all these people? It’s so weird seeing a CollegeHumor video without the normal cast

I:feel:so:trapped: says:

I just wasted 4 minutes of my life on this shit……welll I guess we can say this is sweet home Alabama

Bori says:

It's time to go to sleep when you end up here…how did we end up here?

Spirit_SugarBee says:

This is weird

Stacey Cupido says:

Let’s sing together, sweet home alabama

Thicc Chungus says:

What you doing step Family

Alex Kimball says:

Go watch SNL's "The Kissing Family" to see this concept with actual humor, in a well-constructed scene, with actually talented performers.

UglyBoy says:

Why am I being recommended this?

Broken:Combos YT says:

Walk em to another episode of family strokess…

Hasini Rao says:

The most weirdest 4 mins of my life

Mely Mely says:

أفلام الجنس الإباحية

ewa 82 says:

What happened to the comments?

He doesn’t Iensjebdb says:

Girl : ‘this is to weird , I’m gonna leave/go’

If that was me and they stopped me I would be like
‘Incest is creepy , get me out of this shit hole’

Ronya says:

Sweet home alabama

emma says:

I thought everyone’s family played spin the bottle together

cookiegirl14uwu says:

ah yes, inbreeding was popular in the Royal family among siblings in Europe and caused health problems, makes sense 🤔

Samual Quinnell says:

WTF is this

• Cosmic Duckling • says:

Umm that got pretty weird for me to watch and I'm just a kid O-O

galaxy panda says:

just why with the family

꧁ Destiny ꧂ says:

They are just actors They are just actors They are just actors They are just actors They are just actors They are just actors They are just actors They are just act- I CAN’T

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