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The Complete Avatar The Last Airbender Timeline | Channel Frederator

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It all started when the fire nation attacked, well not exactly. Avatar The Last Airbender was a beloved series on Nickelodeon and holds a special place in our hearts here at Channel Frederator. So join us as we chronicle through the adventures of Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, and Zuko to bring you the complete Avatar The Last Airbender timeline.

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Avatar The Last Airbender is a beloved series that will hold a special place in many Nickelodeon fan’s hearts. The Avatar series has such great characters like Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph, plus an amazing story that showed the growth of all the characters including Aang’s growth as the Avatar. So let’s take a look back and unpack Aang’s journey to becoming the Avatar in the complete Avatar The Last Airbender timeline.

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Researched by: Christina Polk
Written by: Christina Polk
Co-written by: Jacob Atkinson
Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson
Edited by: Jacob Atkinson

Graphics & Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
Producers: Adrian Apolonio
Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen

Music Provided by Epidemic Sound

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says its just the last airbender timeline but shows wan

Cool Stuff YT says:

the movies was trash

Danielius Liaskovas says:

You forgot blodbending

Chelsea says:

I wonder if that's why they brought the cartoon to Netflix recently, to get everybody hyped for the live-action remake

Chelsea says:

I'm actually looking forward to the live-action thing for Netflix. Just don't let M Night Shyamalan anywhere near that thing and I think we'll be good. I mean, look at what they did for a series of unfortunate events. And that was already proven to be destroyed by a movie as well so I have hope.

JackBro Playz says:

"the big walls of the earth kingdom"

Attack On Titan: hey titans wanna team up and destroy the walls

Insane Savages says:

They did even talk about the party at the beach or when sokka and zuko went to jail

Matthew Kalasky2 says:

Your Zuko image on the thumbnail is really good, but the scar's on the wrong side.

kid orange says:

He didn't mention this but Katara also learn blood bending.

f tude says:

I love the avatar series , I mean, Aang and Kora series are awesome and not only that but I want more

Ali Chohan says:

Sir Assalam-o-Alikum!(peace be upon you!) I hope you will understand my massage INSHALLAH! : please watch this video
Sir You know science and logic Very well sir must watch. sir ALLAH bless you.

Metal Plate says:

Dude you skiped so many things

PhantomTS says:


Oh my…

Don’t Sub says:

Fun fact the avatar cycle come from the order wan learnt the elements in. Fire air earth water Im not sure if I got the order right

Don’t Sub says:

Actually wan gets his name from the fact that his name translates to 10000 which is every time the harmonic something happens


"Avatars protect both worlds"
~geralt of rivia

Gavin Weeks says:

I want to see a prequel series about avatar roku

Sergio says:

So if the first avatar went of Avatar state would it just be his normal power?

Bigfut135 says:

“ThE sCaR’s oN tHe WRoNg SidE!”

A.T comikz says:

I see you


HeY, wAiT a MiNuTe, ThAt’s ThE, tHaT’s ThE tiTLe of tHe ThE…

GamingWithHarris says:

nobody gonna mention zuko’s eye

Isaac Esquivel says:

Why not mention his other past avatar lives..

Logican TBR says:

You forgot a lot of events:
– Avatar Kyoshi
– Zuko is born
– Zuko and Ozai fight in an Agni Kai (I know this is mentioned, but it’s not on the timeline)
– Toph is born
– Jet’s parents die
– Katara and Sokka is born
– Katara’s mother is taken

Other than that, I love this

Casper says:

If Aang lived his life properly Katara would have been the Avatar then Korra would not mess up the Avatar cycle and we would have a spin off version with a earth bending avatar

Seth Fischer says:

Can we can like mini 10 episode season of previous avitars on adventures instead of live action. Or fix the format on Netflix so we can enjoy last avitar full screen

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