Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


The BEST Anime of Winter 2022 – Ones To Watch

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With Attack On Titan’s Final season back on, and Demon Slayer returning, it’s a good season to be an anime fan. But it’s not all about the sequels – these are the best new anime of winter 2022.
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00:00 – Are We in a Time Loop?
02:00 – Darling in the Ero-Cosplay
05:55 – Fishing for Moe
07:11 – Just Two Guys Sharing BL Manga
08:44 – Minority Report but it’s a Red Bull ad
11:10 – Theatre Kid Bias
13:09 – Hentai Protag Haircut
14:48 – Power Rangers Villains need a Union
16:19 – THE COOL ONE
19:23 – Wait crap that’s only nine
23:29 – Final List

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Lunin V says:

All of these anime are 100% garbage this dudes terrible at rating anime

Zero Grey says:

My Dressup Darling is really good, the rest I haven't seen yet but based on what I've seen I really have no interest.

Pablo A. Gutiérrez says:

heeeiii! can someone tell me whats the name of the anime of the red/orange haired dude in the thumbnail? I've beeen crazy trying to find it!

Fuzzy D Pozzy says:

does this guy stop talking ? i had literally to youtube each anime to understand if i like it or not.

Melanie Brunette says:

what is the sauce of the guy in 0:45😭😭😭

Tyler Rogan says:

Whoa your taste in anime is so completely the opposite of mine. This is a list of stuff I'd rather stab myself in the face than watch. Pukes What happened to anime?

VerchielxKanda says:

It sucks that you find Requiem Of The Rose King, ugly. The manga is beautiful and highly detailed.

WARPAINTandUnicorns says:

Coming back from REQUIEM OF THE ROSE KING. Ummmm The story is good, the first few episodes felt like the dropped the budget completely which is shocking to admit the DRAMA is what kept me going. Its pays off later where they put the budget in animation though. But you will come out of season 1 completely gutted… Season 2in coming if you up for trauma. lol Also dealign with a inter-sexed lead and the religious backlash as being viewed as a sin from birth is traumatizing.

kendrakirai says:

I know this is OLD now, but Leadale's art and animation style is VERY MUCH based on those late 90's early 2000's shows. Friend and I watched it, and we got MASSIVE Slayers-esque vibes off the whole style of everything, and it's very much deliberate. If that's not your thing, it's not your thing, but it's very much not just a 'production values' thing.

dkres82 says:

Apparently we’re not out of the time loop yet…

h says:

I love Kimi no todoki 😭
Thanks for mentioning it

Boltizar says:

Now that the season is over, Fantasy Bishoujo has cracked so many new eggs like holy shit!

Wazien Diny says:

Most of these animes you're recommending are pretty weird ngl.

Towsley Online! says:

These sound pretty good

Roberto Peris says:

I'm eager to watch your best anime of spring 2022, in the meantime I'll enjoy rewatching this one and grab myself another series to watch, with a majestic cup of Yorkshire tea

Farmageddon says:

gay ass list for weebs only

CrispBaker says:

…okay but what's with the Praetorium music

Tiffany Lundy says:

She professed herself the pupil of the wise man is amazing so is land of lendale and the strongest sage with the weakest crest and arifureta

Talìa Vantas says:

Bruh the beginning of this video about aot now is even worse LMAOOO

kilato 56 says:

Is 2:09 good?

Kudasiigh says:

this background music sounds soooooo familiar…. but i cant really put my finger on it. i feel like its from ff14

Elijah Arbour says:

I like how this is as long as a anime ep

nikolas bartell says:

14:39 for a second i thought you cut to a clip from sao

Mr Sheep says:

Why so many feet??😭😭😭

RueFysh says:

It feels good to hear a major anime reviewer praise sabikui bisco when people on my anime list are shitting on it and tbh any other series that isn't attack on titan or deathnote

nidoqueen106 says:

That sentaie villian o the week looked good

Fox God Records says:

So. . . CUE! is Love Live! without the music?

RhitaSparita* says:

Sabikui bisco is amazing. Also loving land of leadale lol

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