Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


The BEST Anime of Summer 2021 – Ones To Watch

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Summer’s given Anime fans a bit of a break from 2021’s nonstop onslaught of impossibly good content, but it still contains heavy hitters and hidden gems you won’t want to miss. Here’s those.
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0:00 Summer Break
1:16 Bookwalker
2:13 1. Late-comers and a Leftover
4:40 2. Giant, Gorgeous Avatar of Destruction
6:44 3. This is Fine: The Animation
8:47 4. Vampin’ Steampunk Style
11:07 5. Music to My Eyes
15:23 7. You Activated My Vibe Check!
17:46 8. Worse Aqua. Actually.
19:50 9. Anime of the Season
21:28 10. Summer Romance: College Edition
23:32 Honourable Mentions. With a u. I’m Canadian.

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E Zach Lee Wright says:

What Zelda remix is playing at the beginning?

Matthew Moodie says:

2:13 1. The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace & The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! & Godzilla Singular Point
4:40 2. Kageki Shoujo!!
6:44 3. Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan
8:47 4. The Case Study of Vanitas
11:07 5. Love Live! Superstar!!
13:34 6. The Aquatope on White Sand
15:23 7. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
17:46 8. Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy
19:50 9. Sonny Boy
21:28 10. Remake our Life!
23:32 Girlfriend, Girlfriend & Re-Main & Battle Game in 5 Seconds & Peach Boy Riverside & The Detective Is Already Dead

xcw4934 says:

Remake Our Life! is when you get isekaied into your own life. I doubt there'd be anyone over 30 who wouldn't love the opportunity to go back to a critical point of their youth with all their current knowledge, experience and life lessons and give it all another go. Brilliant wish fulfilment fantasy.

iliketofu2000 says:

i would love to hear more of your thoughts on vanitas once the season ends!! i’m curious to see how your first impressions have held up throughout the season!

trueblueclue says:

Realist makes a number of nice references. The main draw is pretty well explained in the show and fun to watch unfold. The MC and main girl vibe well on screen and seem like a believable couple (too bad she kind of goes tsundere). It's not the best amine but it's pretty good for a weekend binge

Breakman Radio says:

sucky anime is overshadowed by sucky anime is overshadowed by 86.

Jod1 says:

Leilla is a great group, and they're finally switching up the formula so I'm glad you're recommending that one! Definitely top notch idol content

Jod1 says:

Really wish you would put the titles up instead of fake joke names because you barely mention the real names of these and it makes it really annoying to figure out what anime you're actually talking about. I know I can rewind, and I did, but it's really annoying to have to do that multiple times

John Arnold says:

So glad that they did a great job with Realist Hero! Still very disappointed they nerfed the ladies but ah well, it has enough of the other type of plot to be more than fun.

zorohibiki says:

as a tomboy supremacist
kageki shoujo otokoyaku girls were pure bliss for me

Omar Rafey says:

Sonny Boy is unfortunately slept on. It's such a good anime. One of the very few anime that made me cry this year.

Sara Graning says:

Just checked out Sonny boy and I can't thank you enough for recommending it. Absolutely amazing.

Tim Sogomo says:

"ornate napoleonic steampunk opulence" is my new favorite phrase.

Tim Sogomo says:

That intro is amazing.

Jacob C says:

“I’m Geoff Thew, professional shitbag, signing out from my mother’s basement” 😂😂

Chal P says:

Be nice to know where I could watch any of these.

Gabriel Andrade Ferraz says:

Tantei wa mou shindeiru


brandon aboua says:

What anime is the blue haired girl from in the thumbnail? 😅

Broken Brawler says:

Singular point was strange

Broken Brawler says:

Basement dwellers units 😂 jk sorry 🙁

uwuing all night says:

The only thing i needed to hear to sell me on vanitas was that it's by the same mangaka as pandora hearts. GOd i loved that series as a teen

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