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The BEST Anime of Spring 2022 – Ones To Watch

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Spring Sprung on us like a bear trap in 2022, with FORTY FIVE new Anime and sequels hitting. Lucky for you, I’ve already sifted through them all to find the ten BEST Ones To Watch!
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0:00 Intro
2:15 Crunchyroll does the Funimation Fusion Dance
3:30 I Love a Woman Who Can Kick My Ass
5:43 Dance Like Water
9:07 I… Think I like Golf Now?
11:34 Traditional Japanese (Bitter)Sweets
13:32 *correction, in the effin’ TEMPLE
17:17 Jason x Rita Repulsa fanfic
18:57 Ahamster-san to Banana
22:59 If you Only watch one show this spring…
26:38 That’s not enough. Watch at least two.
29:54 Bonus Bargain Bin Recommendations

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Hannah Friedman says:

you are fucking kidding me. I've been off my anime this year and bookworm, komi, and kaguya are this season. and I still want to finish ranking of kings.

Phantom says:

Where can I watch Ya Boy Kongming! In the US?


Yeah, I saw Oddtaxi as it was airing.

Kristen Aurigemma says:

As of late I noticed alot of popular anime these days are popular because they are different. Such as Odd taxi and Ranking of The Kings. These both are great stories and characters but even before their release they stick out because of the art style. A lot of youtubers tend to bring attention that this show should be not over looked as if they are already done for. They are popular for being potentially unpopular. Yes, they have great story and characters, but the art style is the only difference between other good story and characters. I watch the anime, and if I like it, I like it. And maintain stream is really irrelevant. However, it got to be the trend so much that any super different anime, becomes the Odd taxi of every season. And everyone forgets that a show doesn't have to be so different, tropes can be used, and it can be the best anime with best characters even if something like Ranking of Kings is out. The consequences of such opinionated popularity is that shows that would of gotten a sequel if they had a unique different art style, but since they didn't people who love shows even if recommendation doesn't exist, don't get the praise they deserve. But I know, I must treasure what I love and never get trapped into the trend because it's a trend. One season of the best show that even if no one else really knows about it, vs ranking of kings that got second season because everyone knew about it, will always prove a good show can hold its own and is good enough that it doesn't need a second season to prove itself. People like what they like, but I just hope people don't rely on recommendation so much. I find many youtubers lost sight of recommendation and reviews are not poster advertisement. I hope soon they can just let a show prove itself before they jump to it being unpopular before it even airs. A good anime doesn't need a recommendation to be popular. I will probably be hated for this post that just mentions certain shows in simply not a worshiped way. I just don't want shows to be overlooked because one was popular for being unpopular. Give the anime community the benifit of the doubt that we will not overlook something just because it is original. A good show doesn't need praise before it airs to be popular. And being popular doesn't define the greatness of the anime. I find that every anime is special in its own way. I am immune to peer pressure. I noticed many people gravitate to the original anime on their own. Even if you overshadow shows by not mentioning shows that might appear trendy such as "I'm quitting heroing", but are so powerful. I know many war veterans who this can resemble. In its own right, that show might be too deep for many, but it has tropes and is not like any other. All seasonal anime come out at the same time (for the most part). Not making them any different before they even get a chance to air. My anime list had odd taxi as popular from day one while everyone said it was over looked. So if it is like Odd taxi, what is the consern? It even was out matching "86" anime. It is your youtube channel, so you can say it however you like. Let the amazing show prove itself before thinking it is not match for other shows.

Ben Saks says:

I got interrupted when I first went to watch this, so I decided to listen to the rest while running. I got to 9:55 and nearly fell off the treadmill laughing.

[REDACTED] says:

Asking a redundant question, for the algorithm 🙂

Han says:

Tomodachi Game ?

Brosovo says:

I've seen the first few episodes of summertime render and it needs to be on this list!

ThatOneDude says:

As someone who read the manga of Tomodachi Game. It gets really good and whether you like the main protagonist or not he certainly is not a blank slate

Max Heim-Salgado says:

Spy X Family will be the best anime this season mark my words.

Gavitron 6000 says:

From hearing about the first episode, executioner is actually just talentless nana but medieval fantasy instead of modern fantasy.

REVIVEK! says:

Ngl all these new anime is just to nice and have to much harem like man I'm just tryna see fights and it be to many girls, they all isekai and the same. Only good new gen is chainsaw man, my hero mid imo and jjk good but that's about it.I just recommend reading manga

Jean Lima says:

Dude you speak really well and I agree with the must watch suggestions, subscribed happily

MrBubblebox says:

you missed Dawn OF The Witch which is odd because it's the sequel to Grimore Of Zero which i recall you recommending at some point.

Braedenkillsu says:

Ya boy kongming is so good

Pip says:

chobits isn't on Crunchyroll 🙁

Susan OConnor says:

Aharen-san though is going waaaay too far in trying to stretch the "young looking" trope. She looks and talks like she's 4. I'm pretty lenient with that shit, but it's really getting very close to the line. She looks, talks, behaves like a toddler. Ok, we're nominally told she's 14-15, but it's just getting…..creepy. I like age gap relationships. But……toddlerhood?

JoJo says:

damn… didn't know my dad watched cowboy bebop

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