Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


The BEST Anime of Fall 2021 – Ones To Watch

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Just when you thought 2021’s Anime couldn’t get any more overwhelmingly awesome, Fall’s arrived to prove you wrong! These are the best new shows the season has to offer
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0:00 Intro & ExpressVPN
2:21 JP Lit.
4:44 An MF-ing Piccasso Reference?
6:47 Sacks & Guns
8:34 Insert Tim Curry Red Alert Line
10:40 The Parasitic Shut-in Show
14:55 Not to be confused with MuteKing
16:25 Hamster Eating Banana
17:46 It’s Always the Quiet Ones
20:57 Honourable Mentions
23:36 Sound & Fury

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arnold wu says:

I just wanted to give Mafumafu a shoutout for doing part of the vocals on Takt Op. Destiny. His voice is great and more people should appreciate it

Aïssata Aliya Diallo says:

I'm so glad that you included Takt Op Destiny. The series made me want to play the game when it comes out. I was actually kind of sad because of the ending.

Seema Devi says:

12:51 Can anyone please tell me this anime !
I am just curious to watch !

Jaylon Muchison says:

Quick question! How do I find the nominees and winners for best anime? Or is this just a mothers basement best anime?

AnimeSunglasses says:

I would just like to register an opinion that this video has one of the best sign-offs in MB history.

xcw4934 says:

A lot of great titles but Ranking of Kings is the only thing I can remember encountering where every single character is so fleshed out I even wish the enemies get what they want because even the bad guys are doing what they're doing for damn good reasons and you feel for them. Also the protagonist is a deaf mute and without being able to talk has a stronger personality and presence and infinitely more likeability than just about any other protagonist out there.

Anxoide Namikaze says:

And World trigger ?

White Inferno says:

I cannot be the only one who noticed that they animated Tadano's face the same as that one Tanjiro face at 19:20 (coincidence, or not???)

Logan Steinhauer says:

Chock full of Bakemonogatari score, good taste

Jewel Millian says:

It's quite the sight seeing takt op.Destiny at the top of this list, only to remember how hard it fell halfway through😩

JELLYAkaKixq • 8 million years ago says:

Your name has the most beautiful autumn fall…

super8ben says:

Thank you kindly for the Skeleton Warriors reference. My friend was the sculptor for the anniversary action figure of Baron Dark, so it’s still fresh in my mind.

ItsPrime says:

holy shit that 1min intro was it really necessary lmfaoo

Sara Ferrell says:

Ah! Komi was sooo good! Yay!

Brian Walsh says:

Ok,so tbh this has been in my watch later for a while. I most humbly apologize for that. Here in the first review you mention Odd Taxi… And I immediately subscribed. Please continue to educate me.

Soren Southard says:

To be entirely honest, I shamelessly only read komi-san because tanado-kun-chan.

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