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THATS CRAZY! – Driving while Black pt.3 | REACTION

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Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyAGvZAPSGs
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Rich C says:

Can you please react to the link below.. This my be different than what you are used to but if you like a great voice you will love this… This is Davina Michelle performing the Beyonce song called HALO… She is a newer singer but is alone on a whole other level.. Best friggin voice… Powerful, intense, very unique voice… Enjoy Sir…. Thank you… https://youtu.be/skTDvl25754

Null Void says:

this would be my solution, cameras at all times. a complete firing and rehiring process of all officers and upper management, whoever is covering up for these garbage humans that are out there murdering citizens. I'd train the new guys well and pay well and actually hire capable sane individuals. I would also execute any cop who brazenly kills someone that isn't resisting. FUCK THE POLICE

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