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Tesla Model Y – JAY LENO'S VERDICT [Keeping his Model S]

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Tesla fan Jay Leno got his hands on the Model Y Performance, the electric automaker’s newest crossover. Leno, a retired late-night talk show host, has had a long history of dealing with some of the world’s most impressive and famous cars. From a man whose car collection is worth an estimated $52 million, Leno has seen it all, which makes him an ideal candidate to give an honest and legitimate review of the Model Y.

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Everything Tesla Model Y says:

Be sure to watch Jay's 30 minute video on the Tesla Model Y on YouTube and let me know what you think!

Joe Meatball says:

Tesla Knowingly Used Model S Batteries That Leaked And Possibly Caused Fires


Lovejazz01 says:

Jay was exactly right when he said that basically if you still love ice and performance cars, classic cars,and the like, an electric car as a daily driver is something that everyone should have, no gas, no maintenance, easy straight forward driving. I've been saying this for a few years with people looking at me like I was crazy. Even if you have a first gen Leaf with it's low range it's still great to drive it to work and run your errands in it and leave the ice vehicle for longer runs and going out on the weekends. If you do this then you save gas, oil, and wear and tear on that ice vehicle.i live in middle America (Memphis) where there are a few electric vehicles on the roads but no where close to California and other areas. And the charging infrastructure here is pathetic at best(other than the 8 stall Tesla Supercharger here). Sooner or later more people here will get it.

Mark Ellisons says:

I love how Jay also gets his hands dirty working on his cars! He has an electric car from the 1920s as well as one that runs on STEAM! I'm glad Jay liked the Tesla Model Y!!

Matt McMasters says:

So great Jay Leno did this. I find myself agreeing a lot with his opinion on cars and I'm glad he re-affirmed my opinion on the Model Y :).

Online Deals Junkie says:

I like how your video does a good job highlighting Jay's video. Keep up the good work!

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