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Tesla Cybertruck on Jay Leno | Tesla Model S/3/X Price Drop | Tesla Roadster SpaceX Option Package

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Elon Musk and the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck appear on Jay Leno’s garage. Tesla Roadster SpaceX package includes cold gas thrusters behind the license plate, which flips up James Bond style. Tesla Model S/3/X receive price drops; is this a sign of insufficient demand? Tesla receives temporary permit to begin laying the foundation for the Berlin Gigafactory.

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Jay Leno’s Garage: https://youtu.be/25ZuKkbHdqM
Tobias YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TEL0000
Wuwa YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxAmZPvFRAc7Bvqhig57mNQ


Final Countdown says:

Tesla Model S/3/X. Nice

Sharkeisha Marsh says:

Once it drops to affordable levels, I'll buy one.

Joe Jones says:

I never liked Jay Leno…

Antebauer Pager says:

Environmental groups trying to prevent electric vehicles from being built. This is leftist logic.

can Smith says:

Why does the Cybertruck look better every time I see it? I swear I thought it was the ugliest thing at first

Ken Clemens says:

Idiotic environmentalists hurting their own cause by blocking the production of electric vehicles

TheRealAmbustry says:

I invested a 30k into Tesla and now I made enough to buy 2 Cybertrucks. Fuck yeah America.

Sam Y says:

$2,000 closer to me actually being able to afford one

Mike C says:

2:14 how will they prevent wheel slippage when the rocket thrusters are fired?

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