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Tesla Cybertruck FIRST Close Up Look Petersen Automotive Museum – Jay Leno Version

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Correction: vehicle is stainless steel not aluminum and officials ground clearance is 16”.

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Video courtesy of EURO NCAP Public Access. Tesla scored 5 stars all around at 93-98% ranking. https://www.euroncap.com/en/results/tesla/model-x/39141


TechnologyExpo says:

Video captured by Canon with digital stabilization build; if interested order yours with promo link at https://amzn.to/2zZetIH

Sammy So says:

Since it's gonna be a silent EV, I hope they add an aggressive tiger growl sound file that can be activated onto the outside speakers.

fordhouse8b says:

What is an unVEALing? it s unveiling, not unvealing. Are you getting the word unveil mixed up with reveal?

Ghannam Ghannam says:

What’s the name of the music that starts mid video ?

4digits says:

Nobody wonders that it has no wipers ?

I Love Tesla’s says:

Me and you do be destroying Cybertruck Haters in the CBS Evening news video😂🤣

scott tisdale says:

I never thought I’d be so obsessed with a company and their products. I’ve watched a lot of videos about new iPhones during the early stages, but not like this. Can’t wait for my cybertruck.

tcirilli says:

It's stainless steel not aluminum.

Cousin Eddie says:

whats with those masks? scamdemic?

greensky01 says:

@2:10 – No, it’s not aluminum. It’s space-grade “bullet-proof” stain-less steel.

Esteban Arevalo says:

I ate some watermelon seeds and now it´s growing on me.

Chris Brown says:

Didn't expect that big

Coach NVR says:

It’s 30x cold rolled steel not Aluminum. Huge difference. Still love the video though.

Robert Evans says:

The Cyber Truck and all other vehicles are designed and manufactured using METRIC. Stop using that idiotic BES to describe it.

Chris V says:

would love to sacrifice eMPG and 0-60 in order to put 37inch tires 🙂

Hardly livin says:

I don’t care what other people think. I’m buying one of these when they release.

Ed Carrasco says:

Awesome truck

Ed Carrasco says:

Can’t wait

M Alves says:

Interesting how a simple camera phone adds such a different dimension to the vehicle. It actually looks a lot better than the unveiling.

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