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Tesla Battery Day & TSLA Shareholder Meeting Tentatively Rescheduled + Implications and Updates

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➤ Tesla CEO Elon Musk postpones Tesla’s 2020 annual shareholder meeting and tentatively reschedules it to coincide with Tesla’s battery day
➤ Musk discusses several product announcements on Twitter including for Autopilot, Model Y, and Tesla’s on-screen functionality
➤ Musk comments on TSLA’s valuation, the highest of any automaker
➤ Jay Leno reviews the Tesla Model Y on Jay Leno’s Garage
➤ California proposal regarding electric trucks

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Ludicrous producer Fred Hassen
Executive producer Rish Singh
Executive producer Jeremy Cooke
Executive producer Nick Wood
Executive producer Troy Cherasaro
Executive producer Bradford Ferguson
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Executive producer Bryce Langlotz
Editing assistance by Jasem Ashkanani
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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives


Fick Dich says:

Battery Day on my birthday! that will obe a hell of a tesla party

Ja says:

Wouldn’t it make sense for Tesla to deploy their new battery tech in the semi first? Will not interfere with s/x demand and while a 1 million mile battery makes little sense in a car without autonomy, trucks could be a good test case for that now. Seems to also line up nicely with rumours about semi starting some production at the same time as the test cell line seems to ramp. Pure speculation but its adding up nicely.

David Vianello says:

That $2,000 FSD (Full Self driving) does NOT apply to everyone. When I purchased my Model 3 ONLY Enhanced Auto Pilot was available. To get Full self driving costs me $3,000.00

JustLivnForMañana says:

Awesome! Gives me more time to buy Tesla cheap lol

Mal Wayne says:

Rob so much information really enjoy watching and finding out what's going on.

fkeopfkeop says:

What about J.D. Powers?

RedStride Technologies says:

1) The battery will charge so fast, that I will get excited about Tesla vehicles instead of worrying about corona news.
2) The battery will last so long that the electric battery limitations excuse will go out the window.
3) This may or may not be the truth.

Tim Yarrow says:

The battery day scenario that makes the most sense is this. The MBA types at Tesla almost certainly are familiar with the Osborne Effect.

Therefore, if Tesla has a significant battery announcement, it only makes sense that Tesla has the technology immediately ready to go, and in fact, quite likely had already been installing it in production vehicles before the Battery Day event.

Think it through: would you purchase a vehicle who's battery will become obsolete because an even better battery is in the offing?

Of course not. I wouldn't either.

Tesla knows this.

And look, the current 2170 cell is a phenomenal battery. But the media chatter hints at something even better coming. So yeah, I'd defer my purchase of a 3 or a Y to hold out for the better battery.

That said, I'm very eager to see what's coming.

Finally, I fervently hope that Tesla does to the ICE automotive industry what Ford did to the horse-and-buggy. It's past time to stop relying on dinosaurs (oil) and rocks (coal) for transportation and energy.

If GM/Ford/Chrysler/Dodge get a knock-out punch smashed into thiere nose, too fucking bad for them. I'm tired of watching crap, incompetent, 19th century companies produce crap vehicles.

Adapt or die.

Phantom Writer says:

I can hold out 12 weeks. September seems like it's going to be an exciting month.✌

rRobert Smith says:

I wonder when Tesla is going to get smart and buy a lithium mine?!

Akar md It says:

the COVID indeed changed the route to many scheduled planned by humanity… subhannALLAH!

Sasha Johnson says:

I want the public to know these cars are smart inexpensive clean and easy to aquire and absolutely spectacular transportation made clean easy and affordable easy to drive and accommodating ! Absolutely spectacular best investment ever made lets ride the lighting everybody clean affordable transportation that's affordable and comfortable easy 🐨🌸god bless everyone with a tesla ! We love you elon musk keep up the good work it is awesome and good !

Sasha Johnson says:

I hope jay Leno hes helping exposure see

Sasha Johnson says:

Can not cam oh ! 🐨

Sasha Johnson says:

Oh ok good a delay maybe i cam get these free shares somehow oh lord i was so busy that day with my sons ! Oh

Sasha Johnson says:

I need those 2 shares i didn't get a chance to get them

FamilyFirstJ says:

Nice work detective

VRtechman says:

6:25 Now maybe Ford and Motorola can merge and compete with Tesla?! 🤣 NOT! 🧐

eddie pan says:

Just keep improving and sell 10x volume while price 50% of current. Take over car industry already


" Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to
his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine ” Nikola Tesla

FireboltAz says:

Jack Rickard said Elon’s million mile battery day announcement could crush the company if he doesn’t already have the million mile battery already in newer vehicles because no one will buy a lesser battery. This is know as the Osborne Effect. https://youtu.be/3ZNuAztk5g4

John Macri says:

Any thoughts on investigating their touchscreen and low rating for cars.


I know Elon Musk doesn't think much of the Covid virus situation, but it will have a delaying affect on his Battery day event.

Alan Farfort says:

Thank you Rob you work so hard

thefirstdutchguy says:

sept 15……………..2021 😉

Thi Thanh Dai TRAN says:

If really shareholder, well come to reschedule meeting but appointment directly by mail or phone, any date from now to October 2020, we don't mind and aren't worried.

No public meeting and conference to avoid meeting without appointment or appointment without meeting.
Public presentation is possible after shareholders meeting.
There isn't any business with Australia for all. In America, many things will change, whatever the date.

Matthew M Canada BC says:

Subscribed great info and great job

Studious Monk says:

8:15 had a bj driving the i95. 1000 points secret goal.

Studious Monk says:

September!! 🧘🏻‍♂️ Is this a patience test?

Learn Edits says:

I don’t see how Tesla at this point would have cars with the old battery tech that haven’t been moved. (Speculating there will be new tech of course).

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