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Tennis Trick Shots ft. Serena Williams | Dude Perfect

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It’s time for tennis trick shots with the legend herself!
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Prathamesh Musale says:

I didn't see the racket smashing trick shot…did I miss it or something??

Preetam Ray says:

i think soooo boult

Melani Mariya says:

lionel messi

Mr Amin says:

I thought I knew every popular Youtube channels.. I just know about your channel today and I literally jump out of my seat when I know you have 53 million subs.. man, you guys awesome!

Ewan Cooke says:

This is what I love about dude perfect, they’re so inviting and warm so when they have guests they feel comfortable

Sumehr Singh Pasricha says:

Who's watching this during quarantine.

Lightnin Hopkins says:

Her name should be Uranus with her build

Cruzin Entertainment says:

Too funny

She is such a nice person.
What athletes Serena & Venus are.
Wonderful role models for our young people.

Plus Serena is smoking hot

clash gaming 007 says:

The practice made her shots too accurate

MSC says:

The Serena Grunt

風風 says:


Lebron James says:

This video makes me like serena

Dushyant Singh says:

This man is enjoying his life at 100% efficiency

Iik Amal says:

Badminton trickshot please with the Minions from Indonesia 🙏😁

Md. Faizan Sayyad says:


Chummy Chime says:

She forgot showing the tricks on yelling at opponents and umpires.

Insight says:

But then if you cut the icing pack too early you have to put all your strength in squeezing it out. And don’t get me started if you don’t rip the packets apart carefully!

chan Liu says:

fake videos pretty obvious . except Serena

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