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Teens Find Suitcase With Body Parts

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TikTok video shows two teenage girls discovering a suitcase containing body parts on a Seattle beach, and police say that human remains were found. The teens used the Randonautica app, which randomly sent them to the location.


Hyperskreem 82 says:

Wow this generation gets clout by laughing about a dismembered body in a suitcase…. you can’t be that stupid not to know what you just found. this generation is fucking BRAINDEAD.

Emily Frusher says:

it’s crazy to me how teens did more for this case rather than the actual government

1GoldRunner says:

No one is commenting on fact that these kids continued laugh and frolic after suspecting that they found a dead body? That it itself is concerning, the boy especially needs help.

Cloudy Days says:

I was reading an article that was like wow that seems traumatizing and then goes on to say but they were asking for it

COD GODD says:

I got up and locked my door immediately after I seen it was in Seattle

Ninja World says:

I thought this was on the news a few years ago???

Samantha Kielski says:

What’d they manifest tho?👀

PheniBunny says:

as if 2020 couldn't get worse

Chris Quan says:

Kids are so stupid now a days. “Ha ha ha it stinks ya’ll”. No shit.

venomchain76 says:

This some dexter type shit

I Suck says:

…. it’s like the kid found in a suit case

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