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Teens Find Body in Suitcase While Using Adventure App

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A group of Seattle teens were out exploring a remote beach when they made a gruesome discovery β€” a dead body inside of a suitcase. At first they had no idea what was inside, and joked about the foul odor coming from the bag. When police arrived they confirmed that a trash bag inside the suitcase contained human remains. The teens were directed to the location using “Randonautica,” an app that sends you to randomly selected coordinates to help you explore a city. We spoke to the app’s creator.


Red says:

This gone be on id

Moneco Avery Walker says:

"Determine the cause of death"

Jonel Cortez says:

imagine if you opened it…. how traumatized you'd be

Kalisto says:

Lets be honest you watched a instagram video, there was like β€ž follow this and that page to see part 2β€œ so you just typed the heading in you tube πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Pauline Quiscappio says:

It’s like that movie minority report…πŸ˜•

Prettygurllexi says:

First of off it wasnt a tiktok appπŸ˜– Its a who Different app they use.

chloe says:

I saw this video on fyp last week BAHAHAHA

Kim S. says:

There's another tiktok video of a crazy evel looking blonde woman with a suitcase in a shopping cart that looks just like this but I can't find it now. Anyone else seen it?! Was that nearby?!?! Because if so, THAT WAS DEFINITELY THE KILLER

Lalo Lalo says:

Unbelievably cruel people in this world… what could they have possibly done to deserve to be killed like that?!?! Sad!

d3Vo0 says:

Adventure app. πŸ˜‚ yeah gen z go explore the locations pointed out. Great way to bump into a murderer or get stalked

The Indian Girl In Best Ever Food Review Show says:

Plot Twist: the murderer is the owner of the app.

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