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Teens Find Body in Suitcase While Using Adventure App | THOUGHTS!!!

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Katelyn Tanguay says:

I have never heard of that app. It must not be that popular. Thanks for the video KT. Hope you are doing good.

Reymark Apalla says:

WTF! Your Intro Shocked Me LOL🤣🤣🤣

Evraldwolf says:

That's dope to find a body in a bag

TrayGaming/Reactions says:

KT must have been bored

Skeledog says:

Jumpscare got me a little bit, but still kinda predictable;)

Variousboyz Gaming145 says:

Hah! The intro didn't get me since I saw it coming!

Rebecca Easterling says:

Do a giveaway ps4 pro Spider-Man

Dennis Hollingsworth says:

Ohhhh hell no

Walonda Catoe says:

what up kt how you doing during these times

Wixelson MDSGamer says:

i saw this on the news, freaked me out

Ladarrius Stovall says:

Can you do more tntl with bhd

Henry Gonzalez says:

yay new vid late night

Terry Williams says:

Nice a video from kt before bed and then work and then maybe a nether one sick.

NinjagoLloydStudios x says:

Amazing video man!

Christian Hilton Ball says:

KT is just as cool as his brother, BlastphamousHD.

pappi chulo420 says:

Wassup homie love the vids*also how tf you know what a decomposing body smells like

Marco the Goat says:

your the best

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