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Teenagers Find Human Remains in Suitcase in West Seattle

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This true crime video discuses human remains located in west Seattle. A group of teenagers located a suitcase off the beach area, and police later determined human remains inside. The victims were later identified as Austin Wenner and Jessica Lewis. Seattle Police are still investigating this case. Is there a possible active serial killer operating in the area?

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Jessie Frye says:

Their landlord has been arrested

Ryan Sayre says:

That randonatica game is very very real. I've seen stuff and have had friends see wild things from pinpoints it sent us to. Weird stuff and i don't know how to explain it.

Bryan Bradley says:


Sammy Sweetheart says:

I went onto his Facebook and it says he worked with 'the dark carnival' which is part of the insane clown posse. Listen to what they believe in and sing about, they would definitely do something like this.. the cops should look into it, find out who his friends on Facebook are

I love Dogs says:

Why was they killed?

Mimi Art says:

A very recent case is Ganon, 11, from Colorado, found in a suitcase in Florida.

DJAVENGED453 says:

My guess it might the cartel who did that


I hope they get the killers prints off that garbage bag….

Matorma Howard says:

A literal app lead them there. The app is called randonautica it’s an app that gives you a random location to go to and you go there. That app lead them to that suitcase isn’t that kinda suspicious?

lesterBonz says:

FYI Alki is on the Puget Sound not the coast. I hope they find their killer/s. So gruesome I don't know how anyone can kill anyone, then cut them up.

steven k says:

Seattle dealers expect pay for play ! The drug culture in the city is on public display here !

Lisa-Ann Grant says:

Glad these kids decided to check it out! Just shows if you see something do something, these remains could easily have been washed back into the sea and never found!

JJ Nevertheless says:

Something people aren’t talking about is that randonautica asks you to set an intention before it gives you coordinates. those kids said their intention was a bag of money & they did in fact find a bag with something in it.

Monte Amr says:

names were released

A G says:

They were at the CHAZ/CHOP before their demise.

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