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Tee Grizzley – Satish [Official Video]

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The official video for Tee Grizzley’s “Satish” from his mixtape ‘The Smartest’ – Out Now!
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Directed by @JerryPHD / Jerry Production

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℗ 2019 Grizzley Gang Music under exclusive distribution by 300 Entertainment


G Jlwisu says:

Grizzly gang

Pain 65 says:

I like this

Dlow Brown says:

Been on it💯but shit give you chills🥶🥶 restupjb

Adrian Gonzalez says:

not a fan of grizzly music sucks.

j246802 says:

Maybe Tee Grizzley sold his Aunt out to the Illuminati

Swshy -_- says:

I give u a bich why u still looking at my date

The God Avin says:

Who is dex and blade,where they shot in they car

Michael General says:

Niggas from Michigan do this shit life for a life u ready most of us do life anyway be ready to die fuckin wit us

Michael General says:

Them niggas talking shit dont let me find u in the Midwest

Michael General says:

U gonna feel how i feel

Michael General says:

U stop caring about shit these niggas already know. Life for a life

Michael General says:

Team everybody can get it

Michael General says:

I cant sleep u can c it in in my eyes my cuz got shot in the face the news dont lie saginaw Michigan

The boulevard plug says:

1:46 😥 had me tearing up a little bit

Luis Figueroa says:

Super Hawk Rapper

Juan Hernandez says:


T&T Bates says:

Rest in peace Bina!!! Lon, and Ms. Joann stay strong, I'm praying for you and your family I love and miss you all!!

Dominique Minion says:

Tee grizzly

princess johnson says:

I feel his pain I just took two losses 😢 RIP JB RIP HIS AUNTI 🙏🙏

T N says:

He speaking life

AI YoungBoy says:

Did ya boy big ghost babyyyyyy… AI a ghost huhh????😝😎

Lil Jermy says:

Bro every song he rap all soft at first than he get to snapping onf💯

Red Yeti says:

Bro I have listen to this song over 100 times and I still almost cry every time

Extract It says:

Wish I can wake y'all up and beat ass nwords ass

Roherselff Offical says:

y’all seen pnb rock or i’m trippin

TC Swag says:

So deep , can feel his pain .

Lil Sleepa says:

I can’t really tell the difference salt and sugar look the same🔥🔥🔥

Charles Reagans says:

Mcgangbang for moe who lundee se33tle suck nw rn resyctivfyf nurese on the frontlime i be thw shir mis dax blu tix mix it up drink in thumbs ☝

Ant F says:

Who listening to this in 2020 and still getting chills from it ❤️❤️

Julia Baida says:

I really feel no feelings for him cuz I truly feel he sacrificed her and then making a heart felt song like he really feel bed it’s scary how heartless people can be

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