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Tee Grizzley "Robbery" REACTION

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New Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCALCyvOo-44BoLoJBW_OSfw
DJ Ghost music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgfVYG2Mmis


SimplyDopee Shae says:

U need to react to 2-5 as well!
Shit the whole album ; Chapters of the Trenches

Hassan Bayoumi says:

I hope he gets the drum🧎🏻

Ink God says:

Robbery part 4

Derrick Ayala says:

React to 2 & 3

Davien Farr says:

She ain’t know he was gone get smoked. She thought he was coming after her dude left

Davien Farr says:

Gotta do part 2 and 3 now ghost !!

Blessedvon says:

How did he know😂😂

Tammy77771 says:

You are not built like that you look to scary

traplord says:

yeen gettin no drum for crimuhh
ghost – “so look bro”🤣🤣

Janorye Jones says:

Do the series

2003 Silverado ss says:

you should do part 2 and 3 to this song

lingotv says:

ghost you slipping its 3 parts

dixinsider 445 says:

There's part 2 and 3 now

tohhhype says:

watch robbery 2 and 3 dj ghost

randaill springer says:

She told 😂😂😂

yohance dawson says:

I’m back after robbery 3 she played both sides he got his get back ✅

LTG Kenny says:

Got react to pt2 and 3 now ghost 👻

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