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[TEASER] 화사 (Hwa Sa) – 마리아 (Maria) (vita ver.) reaction

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Hwasa is definitely going to slay this comeback and I’m so here for it #hwasa #MAMAMOO #maria


Kim Phung Tran says:

I can't wait but I'm not ready :"<

공룡 says:

The video, which follows Morte.ver, came three days later. The resurrection of Jesus took three days and it seems to be the motif.

Iman Firdaus says:

I feel the same! It gonna be epic comeback. But, I don’t no if hwasa can beat Blackpink in the Comeback stage. Blackpink fans is another level 🤦🏻

Faith InTheMoonSunNight says:

hwasa used italian's language (this language has latin roots) to describe the concept of death (morte) and life (vita) through religious and catholical symbols. if you think about it, maria is the name of jesus' mother, and all the scenes depend on that.

Fanautea Flores says:

Lia Kim of 1milion dance studio who did the HIP choreo will also do the choreo of Maria I'm so excited

mari cndl says:

Vita means life, the previous teaser was morte, dead. If you notice there is a black hair Hwasa, dead, and a red hair one, probably Hwasa reborn as Maria. Plus at that table people's faces are covered, anonymous, and on the table there are keyboard keys so they are keyboard warriors…and Hwasa is covered in blood with a smiling face…this will be epic!

xime h says:

I really can't wait. It's gonna be so good!! 😆💕

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