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[TEASER] 화사 (Hwa Sa) – 마리아 (Maria) (morte ver.) reaction

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Just found out Hwasa won’t be participating in Kcon 2020 because of an injury 😭😭😭 I hope she gets better and makes a successful recovery in time for her comeback #MAMAMOO #HWASA #María


solar is so xtraaa says:

How come u r reacting to hwasa teasers ? I remember you didn't watch solar teasers cause you were scared to spoil it 😆😆😆

JANA says:

Cant wait for hwasa 🎉 btw. Please react to mamamoo 6 year anniv. tipsy live heres the link https://youtu.be/xyBCw3QHJ3k it has eng subs 😊 thank you🤘

Kpop Pajama Party says:

Nanaaaaaa! Can you react to this project mg international moomoos made (like we are around 100+)?
We covered Never Letting Go in different languages! We're trying so hard to reach mamamoo maybe you would like to see it!

Hannnah Honey says:

I love Mamamoo but also Gfriend too. Still waiting for your reaction to Memoria Ep 4 though as it has been a month since you reacted to episode 3. I love your reactions 💖.

Gabrielle Cristina Tessmann says:

This song will be FIREE 🔥 I'm also excited

alexandra I'm bad too says:

Thanks for your reaction.

Queen Hwasa is amazing and the teaser is great

I already want to see the MV

Tanya verma says:

Dude how are you so fast

lilly B says:

I'm low-key scared but soo excited!

Krizia says:

“Hwasa is so sexy, i can’t wait” was also my first reaction haha.

Rebecca Silva says:

Hahahah you react was so me

xime h says:

Did you watch the tracklist video? She explained the production process of all the songs🤗

purple k!ss roty says:

1:23 i had that same reaction lol

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