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Tamiya Grand Hauler Matte Black Edition Build Part 3: MCU & Driver Install

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The Grand Hauler build continues with the Multi Function Control Unit installation. I decided to go my own way with this part and ignore the directions because it appear like I could get the speaker to fit with the MCU stuck to the back of it. We’ll see how well this holds up, but it did allow me to keep the interior dashboard and seats in the cab and the driver.

Still have a little ways to go, but I’m getting excited about it.

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Carl Aycock says:


We Really Don't Know What We're Doing R/C says:

Very informative!Β  I'm using your video (along with others) to guide me through the issue of using the figure along with the MFC.Β  So you moved the speaker and attached the MFC to the speaker.Β  I see the issue with wire length.Β  Is it possible to rotate the speaker/MFC unit 180 degrees?Β  Would this solve the problem with wire length?Β  Again, thanks for making this video …you definitely have helped me out. Thanks.

Oliver's World Of Wheels says:

Fantastic! Me and my dad are starting ours soon. What are you using for an ESC? Great video too! Very informative and it's coming out beautiful!πŸ‘πŸ‘

MaxxPainII says:

Thank you for all the vids, really helpful.

beyond1957 says:

Hi, Great build, I have the same truck, everything works, but for some reason not getting brake lights on forward stop.

Tyrek Pornsopon says:

Awesome build I want to get one of these and do a custom build and build one of the trucks that I build in my line of work I build custom service trucks for companies such as Caterpillar and Curry supply and I was wondering if there are any frame extension kits available for this?

pibo42 says:

Great video. Thanks for the tip to install MFC 03 all in the back.My first truck with dashboard and driver.

Jon Nantau says:

Nice work tony

Axiomatic RC says:

Loving the jersey plate! Rig came together great man. I’m liking the interior, may have to get that hooked up on mine. I appreciate the detail on how to relocate the MFC. Great vid!

Kingston RC says:

Lookin great man!!! 😲Damn… that's a lot of wires. Great job πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž

sator rotas says:

Really very good work . It would have needed a bigger cabin in the back to be able to put all these son more easily , there are so many !! Not easy to navigate, but it is true that this cabin on the Grand Hauler is very practical !!

Buy it Break it Fix it says:

Man that thing is just insane. Wires everywhere, something in every spot. Wow. I agree with the lights, better to have more than not enough. Great video.

Mike C. says:

Holy moly thats a heck of a build nice work Tony

BASSstarlet says:

Whats the total cost for this?

11CHARLIE RC says:

Awesome brother

RcNickster says:

THAT is one sexy Truck brother.. Well done.. πŸ™‚

STEVO D 313 says:

Nice Grand Hauler is looking good

david larson says:

I can't see anything

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