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HI SISTERS! Remember when the whole “Take her swimming on the first date” joke was trending? Yeah. Unfortunately, I do too. Today’s video is testing out waterproof makeup where we put products that claim they are waterproof to the real test!! Inspired by Kathleen Lights, let’s see if these products really can hold up, even if your date wants to take you swimming! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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Tobu – Hope [NCS RELEASE]

Michael Rusakov


Skyrah thomas says:

JAMES! Your a hair!

S'mari Willis says:

James gives sisters a kiss. What beautiful artwork

Diella Anne says:

James Charles I wish I was a make-up artist 🎨🎭🙋

ratrout 771 says:

Who's watching this in 2020???

Abu Omer says:

Why ur talking to fast it looks like someone is chasing you

SisterSam_yeahimkindaobsessedwithjamescharles says:

Okay but this is the first video without the sharpie eyebrows

Taylor Ciotti says:

2020 and about to go to the be a c h

Alyssa Solorio says:

Me watching this in 2020 be like, James that foundation dont be matching ur neck.🤣🤣sorry i had 2.

Ekmita Singh says:

ahhh anyone 2020?


Isabella H says:

Awhhh James come so far

Daeja Tyler says:

Ad: Are you tired of ads interrupting you everyday

Me: yes so why are you here?

Vinny Batra says:

I actually don't think he talks too fast its the right (normal) speed

SarahNiki_m456 says:

Sis that highlight do be poppin

Rylee Milliner says:

This was posted on my birthday

Connor Savage says:

Without lipstick you look different

Cherranie Terbizan says:

Who always almost comments about the ads……..no one oh just me 🙁

Hi If you subscribe You will win iPhone 11 says:

Dose it work yes or no


Luisa xx says:

Who sees this in 2021?

Chanel Paquette says:

Am I the only one watching in 2020 ——>

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