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Take Her Swimming On the First Date Makeup Tutorial

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Pool Proof Makeup!


Too Faced Hangover RX
Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Airspun Loose Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Blissful
Anastasia Glow Kit
Too Faced Star Dust Palette
Belletto Studio Gel Liner
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Waterproof
Koko Lashes in Goddess
Anastasia Dipbrow
Jefreestar Liquid Lipstick “Gemini”

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Mayra’s Touch of Glam





Lily Kubrin says:

We are all here for a reasonn….. We have a swimming date

Ruth Calleja says:

Can you list all the products used?

Winona Daphne says:

gurl i cant believe you put on lashes, you gon be blind from the water dripping straight onto your eyeball

Emily says:

You're so gorgeous with and without makeup, thank you for this great tutorial!

The Beebz says:

you can use magnetic eyelashes if you're going swimming

SleepDa Mouse says:

“And this is how you get around boys trying to see through your manipulations. This way you can really take advantage of them” wow, women really are terrible people aren’t they

Amy Hernandez says:

Is your hair naturally striaght? @mayratouchofglam

Quesita Eliz says:

You look great!

Marcin K. says:

If a woman is hot than she dont needs make up just girls who feel ugly wears makeup

Reginaphalange says:

This will always be the OG vid of this internet joke, your tutorial will always be the best one girly!✨

Alexia Regalado Valenzuela says:

OMG love it girl

Jessica Rowe says:

u look like karina garcia

redbull monster says:

Tuntun mawsi

Yasmine Hmmm says:

KISS lash glue is water proof, I’m a swim instructor and can swim and be the pool for 4 hours and it won’t budge unless I’m vigorously going to my face

Shraddha Bansode says:

u totally saved my first date😭❤

bts trash says:

i thought she was karina garcia in the thumbnail…

CH GL says:

Omg 😂 I didn’t know who was who 🤧lmao just started watching and I thought they were just two different channels hahah 😂❤️

Yasmin Curiel says:

The reason why she looks like KarinaGarcia it's beacuse she's Karinas twin sister

Yasmin Curiel says:

She looks like Karina Garcia

Selina Hayden says:

I cracked up wen she put her lashes on and just imagined the lashes floating in the water and her date freaking out

Dole Whip says:

What color are you in the tarte foundation, please?

Brandy Teache says:

Saving this for when I mermaid

Sk Sk says:

I would love to see the look on the dicks face when he sees that your makeup is still on lmao.

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