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Keeping a Spirit at killer shack for nearly the whole match.
This video is a custom animation that I made that is very dear to my heart. Honestly, I had this idea for a long time but I finally thought now was the right time to [More]
Avatar the Last Airbender is coming to Smite!!! Hi-Rez just announce the upcoming theme for the new mid season battle pass “Avatar The Last Airbender”. I personally am beyond excited for cross over between Smite [More]
Hey, in diesem Video zeige ich euch den neuen Avatar Aang Merlin Skin, der im nächsten Patch mit dem neuen Avatar Battle Pass erhältlich sein wird. Der Battle Pass wird 750 Gems kosten und der [More]
When Uncle Iroh showed up in Legend of Korra, it rocked everyone’s world! How did Iroh enter the Spirit World? How long has he been there for? Is *he* a spirit now? While we don’t [More]
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