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Superhuman – Vertigo ("Foundation" Trailer Music)

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Released by Pusher Music.
Featured in the trailer for the Apple TV+ series “FOUNDATION”: https://youtu.be/xgbPSA94Rqg

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man of steel Goodmanll says:

After i do intensive essential hard work but manage to complete everything and prevail from tragic defeats…especially gaining powers from autism i super humanly powerful already all the time maann!! I feel like super man metaphorically like an alien more then a actual human with so much beautiful to be honest.

Dassa Dassa says:

The problem is the music really starts at 2:28. Intro is too much long.

Rodrigo Mena says:

Name's band?

Rodrigo Mena says:

¿ Cómo se llama el grupo musical?

st3v3nk3 says:

Terminus Loves it.



Slasheur says:

hear siren and a dramatic situation love it

fleinkantarell says:

Do I sense an inspiration from 'Wheel of Pain' here? A more speedy one.

Jaskaran Singh says:

Chills, literally. 🔥


🇧🇷 👍👍👍 … ( cinco )

Виктор Ярцев says:

+(пальчег вверх) нини. Не моё это совсема.

Виктор Ярцев says:

М 5+. В -0. мёртвая картинка ну ни о чём. НЕ?

fleinkantarell says:

I would love to hear the entire score in the full trailer. When ever that is released.

Patryk Galewski - Road to Aesthetics says:

Very dark and aggressive.. Love it ! 🔥

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