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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Min Min" REACTION!!

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Eric Shane Rick and Aaron react to and discuss Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents “Min Min”

ORIGINAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_NNyXaBW-I

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Aj Austin says:

how does he not remember Min Min if he actually played arms? its ARMS poster child…

Nick the Dreamer says:

"Banjo only got, like, one song."
Every DLC fighter for Smash Ultimate has gotten 10+ songs. Terry from Fatal Fury even got 50+ songs.
The only character's getting just one song as they're added to Ultimate are certain Mii Fighter Costumes such as Cuphead (yes, he's a Mii Fighter announced with the Blyth update) and Sans.

picklesTomE says:

For DLC I want: Geno from Super Mario RPG. Impa from Zelda. Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Dante from Devil May Cry. Rayman. Phoenix Wright.

Birdy Ninja says:

I hope goku is in it😭

jblue88 hood gamer says:

I know y'all wanted the translate guy but at the same time respect Sakurai this is his created game if he want to have it him speaking Japanese respect that don't be rude to this man be respectful and also it was obviously was min min in the beginning falcon an kirby was eating Noodles who else it was that was a no brainer and she disappeared like come one y'all should of been known and also Namco helped make Smash Ultimate that's also why Heihachi and Pac Man are in Ultimate.

Not Yet says:

Yes theres a Cup Head Mii. As for the other DLC characters, an 8th gen Pokemon is missing so i'm certain that Urshifu will be the next or 3rd character.

racer64 says:

Cuphead is in as a mii

Manzana1C says:

This character gives me Squiggly PTSD.

Photon Crusader says:

24:30 Banjo-Kazooie had 10 tracks in Smash, I'd say that's pretty good overall – especially considering the variety and that 7 of them were new arrangements

Even moreso when considering that Dragon Quest only received 8 tracks, with no remixes, and Final Fantasy VII only 2; Persona 5 also only had 11.

I absolutely would have loved more, though, especially since Terry brought 50 with him haha

signerleo snyder says:

way wood you sya cup head he all reday mii in the game you should go baxck watch tbe bylayth tlaier  as cup head is mii in that tlaier

Jack Kraljev says:

You know how Falcon’s Japanese voice is Vegeta? Well, Sean Schemmel voices Lucario and Adult Gohan’s Voice Actor is Ryu

MrAuthor3DS says:

32:18 Yeah, that was updated in sometime last year, I think. Keep in mind that it's a double-edged sword – if even one player gets KOed, the battle is over.

KGhaleon says:

45 minute video
Doesn't know who ARMS characters are.

DarkCinemaGamning says:

Bet the next dlc is ninjala bet yah five bucks on it

Serouj Ghazarian says:

26:52 They revealed the Cuphead Mii costume with the Byleth reveal

MGMakaveli says:

Yes Cup Head is a mii.

Mario Parhmari says:

Min min the closest thing to luffy in smash we will ever get

Hasatanel Belial says:

"Dem legs!"

Radiaz says:

The title of this video made me think that sakurai was reacting to the min min reveal

Joker The Phantom Thief says:

for a second i tought it was gonna be byte and bark

Ernesto Chacon says:

With Min Min announced as it's first DLC fighter here are my predictions for the Next 5 DLC characters:

*Rillaboom or another Pokémon from Sword & Shield
*Sora, Minecraft Steve or Master Chief
*Crash Bandicoot or Rayman (maybe both)
*Dante (Devil May Cry)

Ernesto Chacon says:

I'm actually glad that Min Min is the Arms fighter revealed for DLC cause if you think about it she is one of Arms most popular characters (rivaling that of Twintelle) and won one of the Popular Character Polls and the 2nd Anniversary Party Crash Bash as the Development team drew artwork of her. Even she has a cute design.

Only 5 more DLC Smash fighters left.

M1SS1NGN0 says:

Banjo and Kazooie came with like ten tracks with like seven being new arrangements.

KΩS-MOS says:

Think Min Min will be the first dlc character I will buy.
Unfortunately, I don't think my top picks will ever make it into Smash :c
KOS-MOS from Xenosaga and Mipha from Zelda BotW <3

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