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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Min Min Reveal Trailer REACTIONS MASHUP

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Min Min Reveal Trailer REACTIONS MASHUP
ProsafiaGaming Channel
Original Video
Music outro
TheFatRat – Unity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8X9_…
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Nathalie Danielson says:

way down we go

眼鏡。 says:

Do you know Japanese Twitter user,「キャプテン・ファルコン(Captain・Falcon)」?
His tweet is only「Falcon・Lunch」
And he usually says 「Show me your foods」

AndresitoBlast132 says:

What in the fuck was that outro

Gru says:

Without Etika it feels so empty

Yudith Adame says:

r.i.p etika will see that reveal

Annus-es Rise Up says:


Djany b7 says:

Why i am i not in this i did a reaction to this

Iker Morales says:

Where is Etika :,(


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is my favorite game on the Nintendo Switch.

yazeed _ 0o0 says:

what the hell was the stuff in the end? trying to buy time for YouTube stuff I see

Sny Fort says:

Going to the movie theater be like:

Mr. Recluse IV says:

This is horribly made no offense

Angel FG says:


塩と砂糖の動画置き場 says:


Riki Is Bestest Heropon says:

Min Min evolved from a spirit to fighter, so the whole spirit deconfirmed thing is wrong
Even though some characters I like are spirits, I hope that the next five fighters are from series that aren't represented in smash (or a character from an existing series thats not in smash, like byleth before they got add)

チャンネル 風下 says:


Boi gaming Bear 3 says:

To be honest I just came so I can’t see them watch captain falcon devour ramen

Also Mr. Sir says:

People during the Sans reveal: Incredibly loud screaming

People now: akwardly singing the main theme

CocoaJuice says:

Rest in Peace Etika💔, I wish you were here to see this 😢

alexandra malcouronne says:

If you catch the guy on top left, you can't stop looking at his no-reaction

Finn Razcón says:

Etika would have been very excited about this 🙁

Melvin Cuanetl says:

Etika should have been happy right now 😭😢😢

Myriad Media Musings says:

Loved how this trailer was put together to ensure that the Arms pick was up in the air and kept people guessing.

Surprised there’s no reaction mashup to Vault Boy.

fightingGold.mp3 says:

I’d be the guy with cappy vibing to the music

Random Trainer X. says:

Min Min: dashes off
Captain Falcon: so no seconds?
Kirby: poyo

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