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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Battling with Min Min (Nintendo Switch)

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Get the Fighters Pass Vol. 2: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch/Super-Smash-Bros-Ultimate-1395713.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=SuperSmashBros%7CDirectVOD%7Co3DLC%7Cm_id_hE5KdPKur2%7C1395713%7Cw26#Fighters_Pass_Vol__2

The ramen-loving Min Min from ARMS joins the battle as a DLC fighter on June 30th!

If you’re hungry for more, watch this in-depth video presentation from series director Masahiro Sakurai.

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Boy Zack says:

Is the next will be sans but not a mini gunner

crudebrent says:

the octoling must be in the game

crudebrent says:

cool but i wanna talk about something else mariokart 9

Pl3ys Nontinde says:

The chance of any of you seeing this is like 0.000001% but I'm very annoyed at what happened tonight. I was being slammed by Samus projectiles and I couldnt be bothered to play it so I kind of let them win. My next match, although I didnt press re-match, I payed them again. I did the same thing and made sure to tap no to rematch but I was paired with the same person AGAIN!! I am really annoyed because I wasted 15 min it more and lost a lot of gsp on games I DIDNT EVEN WANT TO PLAY and SHOULDNT HAVE HAD TO HAVE PLAYED.

Kentaniac Progatons says:

Is that a FamilyComputer, PlayStation 1, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, & Other Consoles?

I do things says:

Can you get ssbu on wii?

Silver's Channel says:

i mean arms was cool but i want waluigi and tails and knucles and amy and shadow and paper mario and rayman and crash bandicoot and it would be impossible to get in the game RATCHET AND CLANK

Silver's Channel says:

i have to be honest NO ONE asked for this

RoyDangerMoney says:

Jump rope bunny for smash!

JoshuaLFC2010 says:

Y not waluigi

Antony D'Andrea says:

So many games you could have chosen from. Animal Crossing, more characters from Zelda – yet another unknown

Corrupt Sheriff Mad Shepherd says:

Looking forward to Joker Amiibo, but it’s sad that from the sound of this, they might not be making an updated Zelda

Draw Man says:

When you think that min min will reales the 29th and you invite your friends to try her but she actually releases the 30th in Europe :/

Eli Bejarano says:

She is always social distancing with that range

Quando estiver lendo os comentarios eu estarei la says:

Like with you agree no Nintendo switch online for Splatoon 2

Foop says:

Does this mean we get fallout spirits?

John Leone says:

18:08 Why must you kill my favorite character, oh Sakurai-san?!

bendoesit17 says:

What music plays in the background of Vault Boy's trailer?

Mr. Meme Bucket says:

Dear Sakurai, if I had to wait a week I would have killed myself if you hadn't been the one guy to prevent me from it.

Pax Mayne says:

25:12 Why does it say "Fallout" here but the American trailer reads "Vault Boy"?

Joey says:

I kinda been done playing smash for a while now but Sakurai is such a chill dude and seems to care so much for his work that makes me want to buy more dlc just to support him and his team lmao

Flaming Pheonix says:

It’s gigantic brain, watching tv and gaming at the same time

Afiq Haizi says:

I want his Sofa

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