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Strider Walk – Nether Update – Minecraft Animation

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Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pbvmR8n27w


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Withered Foxy says:

i like how the baby strider starts to dance 0:14

snYpo says:

I was thinking of doings this when the Striders were revealed
But I was too lazy and suck at animating

True Terrarian says:

Put the never gonna break my stride cus that how it be tho

Alexis Gonzalez Ramirez says:

The little baby goes with the rythem i love it its just awesome

Gabo Mansilla says:

F for steve

YT Demon God says:

This sound like some adventure time stuff

Goombad says:

The small one looks like Billy from karlson

The Nothing Guy says:

Ok, so we need 1 hr version.

Samantha Grimshaw says:



I am i Noob strider I have a Son On my head

leah N says:

Furret tried to swim in lava

• JustANormalPerson • says:


Where's The 10 hour version ;-;

The Legoo builder says:

Theres a people flying with a elytra and steve sitting on a strider

ItzHappinessPlaysMinecarft says:

Nice video 😀 steve was ride syirder his scare

Red & Blue Wings says:

Baby Be Like….



Dnxt says:

Why do they fucking exist?

I just want to stab them so much.

Electro_boy 737 says:

My rate: #1 karlson vibe #2 strider walk

Markus B says:

The neather wastes and basalt deltas are missing from the backdrop

sophigames87 says:

You forgot the best part about them,

they're little body wiggle!

Dose Entertainment says:

Like how the baby ones happy but the big ones sad

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