Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – 30 Minutes of Gameplay (Full Demo Playthrough)

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Check out the full gameplay demo of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin from start to end. Stranger of Paradise is a Final Fantasy spin-off game from Ninja Gaiden and Nioh developers, Team Ninja, that leans into the soulslike genre as the party of heroes delve deep into a castle to destroy Chaos.

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DynoSkrimisher says:

Ah yes. The Nioh stagger Finisher when stamina is depleted.

Damien Thorn says:

They could have done so much with an Origin revisit. This, just isn't it. SQUARE is just not delivering consistent quality anymore.

United Federation of KFC says:

They looked at ff15s combat and said, "lets make this worse"

Yua says:

True FF Fans May Cry

TheHiddenOne62 says:

You'd think the protagonist would have some kind of unique name…

Jason Wijaya says:

This UI is starting to get out of hand.. is FFXVI gonna be like this too? Or even any upcoming FF titles, even. Here's to hoping that this is just a placeholder.

Soren Miller says:

FFXIII Haters: Lightning's the worst protagonist ever!
FFVIII Haters: You're wrong! Squall is the worst protagonist ever!
… : … fools.
Both: What?!
E3 Audience after FFOrigins: FOOLS!!!!

Alejandro Costa says:

generic as Chaos

Fabio Balassia says:

Chaos? Sir, this is a Wendy's

LaserStorm says:

Generic Male A, B and C are on the case!

lao khang says:

Doesn't look fun

Ahmad Firdaus says:

This is a mobile game right? Right??

David Sterling says:

Honestly just glad Vegeta (Chris Sabat) is still Garland

Dan Buckless says:

The Ruinous Powers are like who tf is this?

nanakiinu says:

This just looks like a cheap knock off….

Ijasini Jeremiah says:

Devil May Cry VI: Endgame

Jason King says:

Juz look like ps2 game no combo simple movement juz basic attack for a giant sword juz boring for me

J Noneya says:

Is this going to be on ps4

Mao Dijong says:

Remember when FF was the most prestigious rpg series around?

Drunken Philosopher says:

Look what they did to my boy !! 😭 Not FF pleaseeeeeeee

Miles October says:

The graphics are 2020 while the dialogue is early 2000s

N NVA says:

90% of this is FF7 remake recycle

Dane Newman says:

Wow this is basic

Gregor says:


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