Strange Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – Jack listens to Limp Bizkit (PS5)

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Strange Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – Trial Version 2.0 – Jack says “Bullsh*t” and listens to Limp Bizkit in a Ultimate Sigma Male Move recorded in high definition, 1080p 60fps on PS5


A bold new vision for Final Fantasy

A story painted by layers of challenging action gameplay and intense combat. Battles punctuated by iconic actions and abilities from the FINAL FANTASY series, as well as dynamic weapon abilities.

Deplete an enemy’s break gauge and deliver a finishing blow with Soul Burst, shattering the crystalized enemy to oblivion.


Game: Strange Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – Trial Version
Platform: Sony’s PlayStation 5

Video recorded on PS5 using the built-in PS5 capture software.



Azulmagia says:

"Bullshit." ~refuses to elaborate further; turns on mixtape and leaves~

Shawn Rowland says:

this is amazing

Far A.R. says:

Please tell me it's edited for the meme, no way the dev in right mind will do something like this, right?

KholdKhaos64 Ray says:

Okay Square Enix. You win with this one

Vermin van Aokigahara says:

fun fact square enix hate the meme

bud389 says:

The only time a JRPG was self-aware enough to subvert its own cliched stereotypes.

Darwisy Ilman says:

the main character is embodiment of 2000's edgy kid

patricio torre says:

anyone knows what's the song jack plays? I can't find it. is it OST?

YapJutsu says:

what's the title of the song? I can't seem to find it.

Peacebone says:

I love, I LOVE the mental image of all of them just slowly walking out of the place mid-conversation, solemnly and respectfully listening to Limp Bizkit.

Flowmasta Flam says:

final fantasy : "ugh" simulator

Neko Chan says:

Im confused I legit cant tell if this is a montage or if this is real 😂 2021 sure is weird

Kadota says:

I thought Eminem was still beefing with Limp Bizkit

Conflict Project says:

Jeez this is cliche

Monchi Cruz says:

Sounds to me like a game trying too hard lol

N C says:

I wanna listen to this so bad anyone know the name?

Tony Joestar says:

Which song is he listening to?

Shaun McDonald says:

I need to know what the song is! For cosplay reasons 🤣

clay9 says:

People do know that the band is not Limp Bizkit

Tchitchouan Inouane says:

what's the song he's playing on his phone ?

GRunner says:

This game is going to be such a meme and I'm all for it.

Convroisseur says:

She gives this heartfelt speech then Wtf lmfaooo So bad it's good calling it now

Siae says:

Jack: Bullshit.

Turns on phone: CRAWLING IN MY SKIN

superspecky4eyes says:

That's not Limp Bizkit.

Sephirothiel says:

This is like a bad LitRPG where the main characters are isekai'd into the world of Final Fantasy. The main character is like… A single dad who had to leave his daughter behind in the real world and he just wants to find Chaos to go back, he doesn't care about anything else and he's super edgy because that's what teens like.
Looking forward to that moment when the phone's battery dies / the phone gets crushed by a monster/boulder.

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