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Stephen A. weighs in on NASCAR drivers supporting Bubba Wallace at Talladega | Get Up

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Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams join Mike Greenberg on Get Up and react to NASCAR drivers standing up and supporting Bubba Wallace before the race at Talladega Superspeedway.

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Lisa Riggs says:

This is a CLOWN SHOW! This guy only needs a wig and makeup.

paul thomas says:

Who’s told there’s a noose in their garage and doesn’t even go look at it themselves before allowing the media and FBI to get hold of things? And if you did, how do you not immediately get on tv and reassure everyone that this was nothing but a waste of time and you’re sorry the feds had to get involved? hey man your house is burning down. oh ok, i take your word for it bro.

Dusty Lane says:

Bubba Smollet !! Great job breading hate !!!

Haze39 says:

A fisherman’s knot

ST7A Bad Karma says:

Bubba Smollet and ESPN = FAKE NOOSE

JM says:

Total fake news bs. Great job, virtue signaling libturds.

Not Available says:

So nascar needs to be more inclusive to include more black drivers to make the numbers look better regardless of skill? Sounds like the PC culture is running rampant everywhere. Well I'd like to see more Mexicans, chinese, and white people play in the NFL and NBA to balance the numbers.

J W says:

Stephen A needs to apologize for his non stop race bating

Jason Fultz says:

This is really rich coming from ESPN. How many Black athletes that they report on are making mucho bucks. And when has NASCAR ever barred a Black individual from being part of these races. Screw ESPN.

G G says:

These people are ALL corporate hacks. Wallace comes from a WEALTHY privileged family, race is not the issue but MONEY/class is. It is far easier for a corporation to shift the issue to RACE which absolves them of any responsibility and is far CHEAPER for them than paying decent wages to people. More white ppl are killed by police officers, just as most whites are far poorer than Bubbah wallace and these "critiques" of race.

E-Tron says:

What history….it's not the KKK….put money into the sport….it cost major money to bring a kid up in motor sports….you can't just go to Walmart and buy a 10 dollar basketball

E-Tron says:

What about white people that goes through racism in b ball and football….

Falcon 4 says:

So what you got now Greenberg? Now that we no there was no Noose and No rope…..lol…..but was a hoax stunt ….again….with a pull cord and a hand loop, lol….

sara parker says:


sara parker says:


Joseph Boyat says:

Bubba found some cone-shaped Dixie cups at his garage water cooler…KKK hoods! Call CNN!

Three Axis says:

Good job guys propping up a PR / Publicity stunt on a false narrative proud of you all.

Three Axis says:

now becoming slow fans of NASCAR LMFAO either you are a fan of racing or you are not.

Three Axis says:

Support Bubba's false narrative good job everyone who did.

zach h says:

then fake cryed over what he said he never seen. but then denied fbi findings saying he had pics on his phone either you seen it or you didn't bubba smollett

zach h says:

nascar was racist towards white drivers to make bubba smollett feel like a winner like he's in the special olympics

dave turner says:

How can you support Bubba when nothing was done to him. Stephen A Smith blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah shut up dude

Pro Baller says:

Don’t all the ESPN commentators look like Jackasses right about now ?

Craig Allen says:

You fellas have been played.. I would expect that from an idiot like greenburg. (Golic carried that show for years). Well, sounds like the hate crime actually happened last october and the FBI will open up a new investigation. Good deal. Hope they find the culprit that put that noose in bubba's garage. Hopefully he will stop crying then. Meantime, you steven a and jay Williams. Get real fellas. You have the capability to do that. Take care.

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