Square Enix Presents | Spring 2021

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Catch our Spring 2021 Square Enix Presents full show right here, originally aired March 18. Includes the world premiere of a new installment in the Life is Strange series, updates on Outriders, Marvel’s Avengers, Balan Wonderworld, and more.

00:00 Intro
00:08 Outriders | Appreciate Power
01:41 Welcome to the Show
02:10 Outriders | This is Outriders [101]
8:30 Tomb Raider Intro
8:42 Tomb Raider | 25th Anniversary Announcements
11:24 Just Cause: Mobile | Cinematic Trailer
12:48 Hitman  Sniper Assassins | Teaser Trailer
13:23 Space Invaders|Square Enix Montréal Teaser
14:29 TOUHOU Spell Bubble | Side Story Pack 2 Sanae Arc
14:56 Darius Cozmic Revelation | G-Darius HD Update Reveal
15:35 Bubble Bobble 4 Friends | Coming to Steam!
16:29 Marvel’s Avengers | Next-Gen Launch Trailer
17:23 Marvel’s Avengers | Future Imperfect: New Extended Gameplay
22:02 Marvel’s Avengers | Black Panther Reveal Trailer
23:04 Balan Wonderworld | A Hero or Two
24:54 Life is Strange: True Colors | Announce Trailer
27:17 Life is Strange: True Color | World Premiere Feature
35:15 Forspoken | Official Title Announcement
37:27 Thank You!



Tennis Cat says:


Zerokin 2000 says:

Square Enix 2021 Presents featuring Matt Mercer the Dungeon Master.

Funny Border says:

They should put all of the people with powers met up in the next game after life is strange true colors

Gavin Stephens says:

“The power of emotion” BAHAHAHAHHAHAH WHAT

Salem Midnight says:


Lloyd Duff says:

this presentation SUCKED. How about some Nintendo Switch games Square-enix as WE PAY YOUR BILLS TOO THANK YOU. NOT ONE SWITCH GAME..Not even Bravely Default 2..You forgot you made that game SE? NOT EVERYBODY OWNS NOR CARES ABOUT SONY OR MICROSOFT Plus Nintendo put you on the map in case you have forgotten. If it wasnt for Final Fantasy 1 you people would be picking out a home in Skid Row instead of living on Easy street like you do now

Kristoffer Ro says:

Dragon quest builders 3?

Polygone says:

Instead of Marvel Avengers and these crappy unsuccessfull americanised games, why won't you give us a proper Vagrant Story Remake in "dark Souls style"? Or something in the vein of Xenogears or Chrono Cross? I want Squaresoft back!

Vektor Solaris says:

valkyrie profile 2 hd remaster PLEASE !!

KneeGurr says:

Here for tomb raider and lis3

Thanatos L. says:

Best transitions ever

among us boomshack says:

You make the best games list shadow of the tomb raider rise of the tomb raider sleeping dogs

Sam Sam says:

Aya Brea is an interesting character so please don’t waste it and remake Parasite Eve 1 and 2. Please Square Enix.

Squall Leonhart says:

When I try to game share Marvel's Avengers with my girlfriend on PS4 it causes her to sign out of psn. She has the game downloaded from my account but when she starts the application it forces her offline. Idk if this is a problem with the game or the PS4 but if it can be fixed we would really like to play it together.

Carrioner says:

Why you make those females so ugly all the time? Why you can't make characters like Tifa from FF VII? When I play I want to see something appealing, eye candie.

Star_Lord85 says:

Is it certain that Final Fantasy XVI will release for pc ?

Thomas says:

Where is Sleeping Dogs 2, that would definitely be the TOP SELLER , over all the games you guys have produced!!

Jesus Gonzalez says:

WTF Just cause in mobile no I prefer to buy on console or PC😡😬🤢🤮

Jesus Gonzalez says:

This also means 26 anniversary games are :
Tomb Raider
Ace Combat
What Videogames were born in year 1996 in 26 anniversary did i miss
Thank you
Happy Gaming Day 💚🎮🕹💚🎮🕹💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Jesus Gonzalez says:

I love PEOPLE CAN FLY STUDIO Amazing Awesome developers
I have played bulletstorm on ps4
It's amazing Dude please play it it's crazy coolest game 💚🎮🕹💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🎮💚

Mateus cold game says:

Remake 3rd birthday?

Mateus cold game says:

remake 3rd birthday?

George says:

No good games from Square anymore. Understood.

NightfallIV says:

I think this may have been the flattest presentations I’ve ever sat through

AtomicAnvil says:

hey this is cool and all but when are we getting a new sleeping dogs?? at least port it to the switch :'(

legend six says:

So great visuals and video cuts in this presentation.

Jamie Wain says:

Anyone think square enix are making a new tomb raider ?

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