Square Enix Presents Showcase, Xbox/Bethesda Roundtable, And More | The Game Mess Show

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Square Enix Presents is a new Nintendo Direct-style showcase, Xbox is talking the Bethesda deal today, and more.



V4N1SH says:

I would like to see what ur opinion on halo infinite having a battle royale mode after the game releases not at launch I’m guessing it’s coming 6 months to a year later after its launch in November

Lusukii says:

Isn't the Final Fantasy Digital Fan Fest only related for FFXIV?

Emiliö Sánchez says:

Pretty cool news. Your Twitter got me here. Not disappointed.

thebrodieroy says:

I wouldn't personally go around hyping up the Final Fantasy Fan Fest as anything other than news for the upcoming 14 expansion as the event itself is the result of Square having to cancel the 3 in person fanfest events (NA, Europe and Japan) all due to Covid.

The reveal event from last month was more of a light catch-up as we would've had 2/3 of the events already and the last one is always the big blowout in terms of news.

Michael Yankee says:

Good video.

Secret Friends Unite! says:

Balan Wonderworld!!!!

Chris/Dakota Martin says:

Where did you get the gbc sweatshirt it’s dope

Alex Levine says:

Now I can bug you on here too. Doc Rivers GIF.

Agent X says:

MS should buy stocks in FromSoft and work with exclusive with them

SGT RAKE says:

Loving the news desk graphic Jeff. Another fine update!

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