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Split Love | Rudy Mancuso & Maia Mitchell

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Giulio Deie says:

What's the name of this song?

Harjas Singh Banga says:

your videos have some kind of charm in them

Tayyab Waseem says:

He is literally fighting with the tooth paste

Hanna Wirena says:

You can't end it just like this bro. We need part 2 :::::

Julia Somers says:

Okay but who tf sleeps with socks on

Michael Tjandranaya says:

2020 anyone ?

super Z says:

Nunca se bañan

Gowtham Muthusamy says:

Hey it looks like we don't talk anymore from Charlie Puth 🥺

LoLunicorns Aj says:

Omg I'm crying I love this

Geethika Rajiv says:

This video makes me happy and everytime i am down i watch this . It makes me feel like there is someone for everyone , we haven't just met them yet .

WiggleFN says:

Imagine at 0:39, Lisa Guerrero showed up and said: “why are you hogging seats?”

Tricia Ramgoolam says:

I have a feeling Rudy composes these songs for her. And then they do the video together.

Qutub Kothari says:

I want part 2

David Baszucki says:

fr tho im 9 years old i have a crush

my name is akira she almost has the same name to me her name is alika

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