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[Splatoon 3] How to unlock Deep Cut Amiibo Exclusive gear Shiver Frye Big Man

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[Splatoon 3] How to unlock Deep Cut Amiibo Exclusive gear Shiver Frye Big Man

Welcome to our Splatoon 3 video! In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the exclusive amiibo gear set for the popular band Deep Cut: Shiver Frye Big Man.

Deep Cut is a talented trio in Splatoon 3, consisting of Shiver, an Octoling, Frye, an Inkling, and Big Man, a manta ray. These characters bring their unique style and skills to the game, and with the help of their amiibo figures, you can unlock special gear inspired by their looks.

Amiibo are Nintendo’s NFC-enabled figurines that interact with compatible games on the Nintendo Switch, including the Splatoon series. By scanning the Deep Cut amiibo, you can obtain the following gear pieces: Hohojiro Mask, Chomp Top, Faux Sharkskin Platfins, Onaga Mask, Eelneck Tank, Eel Heel Socks, Manta Mask, Big Slick, and Big Muds.

Join us as we demonstrate the amiibo scanning process and showcase the unique design and abilities of each gear piece. Whether you’re a fan of Deep Cut or simply want to expand your Splatoon 3 gear collection, this video will guide you through unlocking these exclusive items.

Don’t miss out on the chance to rock the Deep Cut gear and express your style in Splatoon 3! Watch the video now and get ready to make a splash on the battlefield with this awesome amiibo gear set.

Note: Splatoon 3 is the latest installment in the exciting Splatoon series, offering thrilling multiplayer battles and a vibrant world of ink-based warfare.

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