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Ya boi Kidawesome13 says:

Sam has entered the chat.

Joel says:

9:38 Noah= no funny

Paulius Adomenas says:

so cringe and funny

Natan Dettori says:

Noah has wasted his chance to kiss the cutest woman on the planet

Natan Dettori says:

Noah has wasted his chance to kiss the cutest woman on the planet

Soja the simpletoN says:


James’ Games says:

Noahs Slow motion inhale from when Olivia was blowing air into his mouth sounded like a freaking airplane

Summer Wilde says:

At 5:03 is the best moments ever and u r the best YouTuber too 🤩

Thành Miura says:

Courtney so kute

Eddie says:

the most awkward episode ever

Poké GO says:

I can taste the fan art

Syafiq Mahdi says:

Bruh Courtney's gum swap was professional damn she's like a gum sniper

Sarah Reason says:

5:21 nowa looks hart broken and loves one of them 😓😚😚

SpLiT handhayes says:

I odly ship Olivia and Courtney is that bad?

Noreece Parker says:

What is going on with shane and the lumberjack look
👁👄👁 😏

Giih Garbois says:

why did I sing the final countdown at the exact same moment as shayne ????

Janai Hamilton says:


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