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Hey guys its’ Lev Cameron Piper Rockelle’s boyfriend. Today I’m bringing you another funny video with the squad. Basically Today’s video is speaking only Russian to my girlfriend for 24 hours. That’s right everyone in todays video my poor girlfriend and best friends have no idea what im saying for 24 hours. During the next day i challenge my girlfriend with tasks i normally deal with having a Russian speaking family. Stay tuned till the end to see how she does. If you enjoy these quarantine vlogs with my girlfriend and even the squad LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

#russian #girlfriend #24hour
————**who was in the video**———
Piper Rockelle
– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYfbq37VGb-07tDS0FGtsPw
Jentzen Ramirez:
– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoCB5pbeNAvc_a_OWHM2kmQ
Elliana Walmsley :

Hey the names Cameron, Lev Cameron. Welcome to my youtube challenge. Here you can learn and see more about me and my life. I’m a professional dancer, a social media star, and a young actor. I’ve been living in Hollywood for a long time, and I now do videos with my friends, and my awesome Girlfriend Piper Rockelle. You may have seen me on her Instagram page or her youtube page dancing or posing for some funny photos, and videos. On my page, you can find great challenge videos like last to’s, 24 hours, reactions, pranks, dances, songs, and many more so make sure you subscribe for a WILD ride.

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instagram : @itsmelev


Batool Jafri says:

It’s a nesting doll I think

Batool Jafri says:

Why is pipers closet sooooo dark.

Lola A. says:

I think he’s just saying vodka vodka it’s a I think yeah it’s alcohol for Russian or beer whatever I think he’s trying to say vodka but he saying it differently maybe I’m wrong

Ania Parczewska says:

I speak polish it is really close to Russian I could understand most things

lauraq scarlettmerriweather says:

It was a Russian doll

David Playz says:


Faith Tauringana says:

I am very fluent in the Russian language

M Sosna says:

I Speak Polish and Polish is similar to Russian 😁

Chidiogo Injoku says:

I understand everything you are saying

Breanna Crosby says:

you should do more Russian speaking videos

Jouri Ayaz says:

I hate this squad

Nova BRITTON says:

He said shut up wrong

Rudo Chigudu says:

Russian lev so aggressive

Maria Rodriguez says:

Tell me how to speak that kind of language

Maria Rodriguez says:

I don’t even know how to talk like this but do you know how

Kayleigh Polage says:

I have that Russian doll



Энергетик Games says:

Я не знаю как это мне попало в рекомендации, но это мне определённо нравиться, и особенно то, как этот парнишка говорит на русском.

_Just Wolf Animation_ says:

U speak very good. Im from russian

Galaxy girl says:

When lev kissed piper aggressively why did piper say mmmm yummy and then look at the editor? 🤔


Hi I don’t speak Russian language

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