Speaking only GERMAN to my Girlfriend for 24 HOURS *she goes mad*

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So I decided to get revenge on Emma and speak German for 24 hours. Emma absolutely hates it when I speak German to her so I thought this would make for a great video. Hope you enjoy!


robinbirrell says:

If this video hits 15,000 likes in the next 24 hours I'll drop my Fake McDonalds Employee prank next week! Hope you guys enjoyed this prank on Emma! 😀

Kadyn Barksdale says:

hallo ich bin amerikaner aber ich kann deutsch sprechen

James Bond 007 says:

As german i think its very funny because i understand everithing (Englisch and german)

【ハンス・フリッツ】 says:

He's yelling the entire time. Couldn't be more authetic, hahahahaha!

unsladd says:

She is such a toxic person…

Bubble Play Cafe says:

if you put the translations its halarious

Timothy Morehouse says:

5 min later fraülein gets und sturmgevhär and shots him tot

Anya Rands Trevor says:

Dein Deutsch ist anstrengend. Eine hausfrau kommst du von 1800 ?

Noctis Lucis Caelum says:

Dieser Kommentar Bereich ist nun Eigentum der BRD!

Florian says:

Haha der Typ könnte ich sein. Ich hasse auch Veganer und und habe eine Hausfrau als Freundin.

Party Quest says:

love the german! wish i knew german so well!

Leon J. says:

Verpiss dich

Poseidon Vlogs says:


43Reaper says:

Ja auch wenn das als prank gedacht ist muss man nicht so mit seiner Freundin reden und das online stellen geht gar nicht!!!

David Icke says:

"du musst mal echt ne Bratwurst fressen" xD

Vin cent says:

Nun sind sie getrennt 😭

Schüler Spieler says:

Poor Girlfriend.

Doctor von Doom says:

I'm German

Lewis says:

She was annoyed from the second she woke up

Emma Cajal says:

I think she should learn German because is your girlfriend and if you learned English she should give it a try hahaha

Lxxxa says:

Schatziiiiiilein XD

Stephano Milano says:

Wieso redest du auf deutsch so laut ?

Leon Fredriksen says:

Dump her! she should learn to speak German… imagine the kids, she'll be like don't speak German "English Only!"
If you genuinely loved someone, you'd try to learn their language.
If you speak English only there's something wrong with you… majority of the world are multilingual!

Lux Wölkchen says:

Wow u guys are really good in thsi Wowww ur Englisch and can read German

Der Nerd Der kluge says:

Ich , dessen die Deutsche Sprache auch kann: pathetisch

Fatimah Seck says:

Hos girldriend is very patient. Seriously. The guy was just screaming at her. He was really rude.🙃

Iris Beyes says:

Ist wirklich cool es ist cool dass ich alles verstehe

Iris Beyes says:

I'm from Germany and it's so funny xD

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