Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube #2

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Today we compare more viral songs from TikTok vs YouTube

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Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube #2

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Shiven Grover says:

He disrespected tunak tunak tun 😑 bruh its an anthem come to india

mikkel sorgenfrei says:

This is America. What a BANGER!!!

Veronicareacts says:

Roomie Not knowing how to pronounce a Spanish song
Me:here I'll help Eye-Sue-Eue-Tay-Pego😩👌
Roomie feeling stupid

FruitLoops says:

Please no one tell him what Ai se eu te pego means, or you'll likely ruin his life

KrmaGamer says:

2:07 Parece Willyrex xd

Patrick Leonard says:

You really have to react to to welcome to the internet

U Cart C Me says:

Behind you Joe do you have a coffee maker behind your jxx

Ayana-Tesha Grossett -Campbell says:

Chocolate rain classic

João Carvalho says:

Ok Go threw me back in time and left me there

Omnikinetik Spade says:

"There's something to be said for songs that are meant to be played for a few seconds, but it's a certain type of song that often doesn't come with a full song that is good." So basically engaging an audience for than a minute, let alone an hour or more, requires talent. Something severely lacking on TikTok. Remember people… We wouldn't have the Paul Brothers if it wasn't for Vine. It may be fun for 10 seconds, but it could be toxic upon daily consumption.

Gado R says:

14:38 I concord, tu tu tu tu turu, tu ru ru turu, tu tu ru ru ruuu

Amy 00700 ! says:

Ai Se Eu Te Pego is litereally in every german party i was on xD

depresso.espresso says:

it sorta sounds like that one attack on titan opening song lol

Bruhforlife says:

The second song is from Puerto Rico and it’s one of my favorite songs in the world

Montana Made says:

OK Go wins every time- period. All their videos are “one take” shots

Gabriel says:

Ngl I'm Brazilian and I wasn't expecting Michel teló here dude

Kaiden 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 says:

Ai se eu te Pego is Portuguese for “oh if I catch you” 🙂

Khaled Adjou says:

me who search for this tiktok songs ON YouTube : 🏃‍♂️

Sparra says:

Anyone else stay still at 14:07

Isabelle Oliveira says:

Michel Teló fez mais pelo Brasil que o presidente

Jonah Whiteley says:

Rommie is in a room room btw I found a dog and I are it because it look at me

DragonFire078 says:

It annoys me most people only know Donald glover from rap and not acting

JayTheeDude says:

1:02 I sat on a mazda

Shelin Abraham says:

I like how most of all the songs are copyrighted, and the Managers be like: "How we sharing the Ad Revenue from Joel"


Holy shit the second TikTok song sounds horrible what do u mean it's not bad

Yee says:

the guy in the oops video looks like klaue in the black panther movie

RockManBuffCoolシ says:

I disagree black beetles is way better

Keyvon Densmore says:

4:05 he is also going to be the prowler in the new Spider-Man

darkasther _ says:

im late but i think roomie doesnt know how fucking ginormous Tunak Tunak Tun is in India

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