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SMITE x Avatar: The Last Airbender Battle Pass Reveal

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The SMITE x Avatar: The Last Airbender Battle Pass arrives in July 2020! Featuring the new Aang Merlin, Korra Skadi, and Zuko Susano skins, this Battle Pass is full of content based on the beloved animated series!


Sokka of the Water Tribe says:

An Avatar Xbox exclusive game would be incredible

JuanSolo trooper says:

I don’t play smite but I think I will now

SMTX Glitch says:

I’m about to start playing mobas

Ayala_zZ says:


dragonsmashboi says:

Where’s ty lee?!

yIKES ii says:

WODKDOFRKOEFOF…SOCODFKELFLVOEKFODPEOCO foam comes out of mouth and falls (i hope someone knows what im talking about🙂)

TBCKurama says:


TheChosenZuccinni says:

did they team up with the actual creators?

Shunsui Uchiha says:

Everyone been sleep on smite

Long Nguyen says:

AVATAR, f*ck yeah

The Watcher says:

I’ve never played smite before, but I’m here because we really haven’t got any avatar content the past few years.

MikeTheEnforcer says:

Lmao did they just ditch Toph and Katara?

Frankie B says:

I was just thinking yesterday that I wish there was more MOBAs on Xbox as Smite and Paragon were okay but never really grabbed me… I love Avatar though and especially Korra so in we go!

Xavi Montagud says:

Jontron: excusme WHAAAAAAAT?


Yeah you could have left Korra out

ChrisWellejus says:

Might as well put Disney Princess in it

Kris Tangonan says:

That's was I like it! My favorite cartoon are in the game whooo

Sadie Adler says:

sees thumbnail
Me: Take my money, NOW!!!

AvGeek NZ says:

Another easy 1000G smashing the buttons? 😁😁😁

Sku B Doo says:

The voice acting for Zuko was: "That's rough buddy."

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