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SMITE x Avatar Starter Pass

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Avatar: The Last Airbender joins SMITE, the #1 MOBA on Xbox.

Get a head start on unlocking Aang in the all-new Battle Pass with the Avatar Starter Pass, FREE with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks. Offer ends on September 7 at 11:59pm PST.


BEKING11 says:

Did not even get the characters

Michael B says:

How do i use avater??

Yami says:

I didn’t expect to get the battle pass but it says in the description the skins so I’m kinda mad

Ed Da Bawsh says:

76+ people didn't get their cabbages 😂😂

420 MorningStar says:

Anyone else not get the characters or was it just me?

Patrick Barrett Speedruns says:

They couldn't have given us another Avatar game. Dam it!!!!

Vegxa Rosan says:

So with the starter pass you get the avatar characters as well? Cuz I redeems that code with game pass and logged in but don't have the characters it's says I need to buy the battle pass.

Cool MJT says:

I didn't get my rewards wtf

BuschKopf says:

Lol it doesn’t even work. When you redeem the gamepass ultimate perk code you won’t get any avatar characters 🤦🏻‍♂️

Evan Mackie says:

So does know how do you get this with Xbox Ultimate Pass for free?

Fire Lord Zuko says:

So I wanted too play as myself so I went too get it off game pass perks and after I got smite I didn’t know how too unlock the characters so if somebody can tell me how that would be great!

Mama Jama says:

If anyone could help, I claimed the code for the skins before I had smite installed and after installing it it didn’t give me the skins or anything and I can’t claim the code again, could someone please help

Fare Saintum says:

But I didn't get it even tho I have game pass lol

Khonsu says:

What's a deal of the day token?

Heffay Davidson says:

Bruh this was so misleading it doesn’t give them to you I don’t think it just gives you free levels on the pass but if you don’t hace the battle pass you still don’t get them wtf

Heffay Davidson says:

I have the gods but I don’t have the skins yet? I figure I have to play too but i don’t see where I’d unlock them at on the free pass

pipe_is_ op says:

Epic game + epic skins + epic console

~Percybal~ says:

I got sad because they almost make it seem like they're giving away the BP

kjriwoutube says:

Kinect Xbox play Trailer

Tyson Clarke says:

My Goodness Xbox Fans 15 Years Of Avatar The Last Air Bender Series.

JOKER The sad raccoon says:

If only i had money to get games for my xbox but sadly i don't im just going to leave xbox and move to pc

crazydragon629 says:

I am disappointed that they made them skin and not actually characters in the game

Emmanuel Gortarez says:

i tried to unlock it but it gave me everything but the battle pass inside the gane

Ricardo Correa says:

Please buy WB

lets be fun says:

Yes but still lagie game ply

Ethan Dell says:

Xbox still hasn't changed her profile picture. You know what that means

pug 3001 says:

Microsoft you messed up Minecraft having to spanned money the play with other people Mojang should have never sold you the game when people said bad stuff about Microsoft I disagreed now I agree with them

Sokka of the Water Tribe says:

Sooooo… when are we getting an Avatar Exclusive game?

AgentAlaska9000 says:

Wait, so you don't get the avatar skins right off the bat?

kayden says:

Xbox please can you get rid off game passes

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