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SMITE: Avatar: The Last Airbender BATTLE PASS?! First Character/Skin Spoiler

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According to information that has been leaked from multiple sources today, the next SMITE Battle Pass will be Avatar: The Last Airbender skins. Hirez had a similar collaboration with RWBY in the past and is now seems to branching out into other franchises. This collaboration would happen at a good time, as Netflix has recently put all Avatar episodes back up for watching and the series has been trending on Netflix. We also have an image of the first character/skin, being the Blue Spirit and can speculate which god this skin will go to.
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Published on Nov 30, 2016
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• Posted: 2016-11-30, evaluated by Chimpazilla

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Gsix Zes says:

If Loki becomes the blue spirit I quit smite.

bob fajotnugget says:

Im mad no azula pele or jeong jeong/ozai thor or iroh bacchus but these look sick

jaydochi says:

There is not one thing that I don’t like about this, it’s ATLA + TLOK what’s not to like?

Skyrain says:

It ended up being Susano

Kade Bush says:

I was thinking of Nemesis for The Blue Spirit because Zuko's swords can be put together to make one scimitar. Just my hot take.

KelvinCc2 says:

lols i dont even play this game, INSTA DOWNLOAD!

TheIceBolt says:

Well know we know

killer caterpillar says:

I knew Merlin would get it

Axel Isolet says:

Izz real now

Viral Carl says:

Yemoja katara

Alex Prodan says:

Whaaat? I have just started rewatching Avatar and I even started taking a break from Smite, but nope, this game always seems to surprise me and take me back in the game 😄😄

Jonah Marx says:


I guess I’m gonna have to download smite if this is real.

Korra Fey says:

Maybe tsukiomi will get his first skin through this

Something Lame says:


Aaron Skinner says:

General zhao: Vulcan
Katara: yemoja
Toph: tera or geb (with Second skin of her metal bending)
Azula: ra (fire for most abilities and lightning for ult)
Mei or ty Lee: serqet
Bomie: geb or tera
Ang: vamana or a sylvana skin where he is on appa
Saka: xbalanque, hachiman, izanami, cernunnos (really any Hunter and use creative gadgets for instead of abilities)
Suki: mulan
Any others?

Thezerowulf says:

Bacchus Iroh or we Riot

Ravens blood255 says:

Okay hear me out uncle iroh Zhong qui skin!!

DomoSaurusRex13 says:

cthulhu apa skin incoming

ZippyDapper says:

okay here me out, Hercules as Toph from the stage play?

Christian B says:

I don’t get why do this though, only one party is benefiting from this crossover. With that, Avatar the last Airbender has long been finished already regardless of re-releasing the show on Netflix their isn’t enough reason to do this crossover. If they do, cool it’d be fun to see but there just doesn’t seem to be enough relevance

robo1297 says:

Smite is getting a W

asia viga says:

Pele could be Azula she's got both fire and lightning

AblindTroLl says:

hear me our for the blue spirit…….Ullr changing clothes between blue spirit and the person who he actually is though yes it seems like something a higher tier skin would do it could work

Cedricplayz says:

Did they ever say when the midseason patch is?

_Shook_ says:

YOOO I Hope this is real. Katara Yemoja would be perfecttt. There is so many options for skins, Agni Kai Agni, Azula pele or even avatar Merlin

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