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SMITE may have accidentally leaked its next Battle Pass and let’s just say they are showing Avatar The Last Airbender some love!

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Enigma Kage says:

This is no longer a RUMOR but a FACT. OFFICIAL TRAILER: https://youtu.be/rpSFn40uY1Y

TitanfallBeAst says:

Man I want toph not no half ass shit😞

NN0101 Hello says:

No katara 🙁

Edge Winchester says:

So they did zuko korra and aang but who is the fourth skin there is always four right

J. Harding says:

What song is the outdo?

BowlCutGaming says:

Ratatoskr momo plz?

Shunsui Uchiha says:

Do custom matches with viewers

Icey says:

there are 3 skins and three alt skins.

Connor Riley says:

He got one right lol

warrior sub says:

Loki blue spirit can’t wait would buy instantly

TempleGaming says:

i think aou kwang uses water too but im juss nit picking😭😭😭 but im so hype your doing this and i love your suggestion keep it up senpai😁🤟🏽

TempleGaming says:

i think whats crazy too is that Neh Zha already has a zuko skin low key lol

TempleGaming says:

yessssss you did it🙌🙌🙌🙌

Doctor Gamer says:

I mean I feel like if they did put Zuko in he would be Agni. It seems obvious but it just works too well

Ricardo Barreto says:

Toph is a 12 year-old girl though, how would they make Herc so small?

Rho Pumpkin says:

They should make Awlix korra

Lost 12 year old kid. says:

smite looks sick and all but has anyone seen my dad?

adam crane says:

Azula pele would be such a sick skin i doubt it will happen but it would be cool for me cause pele is on of my fav gods in smite

Bulma Briefs says:

Lol I love smite but since I’m a neith player I’m supposedly the scum of the earth 😂

Otaku LoveAnime says:

Isn't a free to play game

Gino Jose says:

Smite is an an excellent game.
I'm played it and it's so perfect.

Medieval Midoriya says:

This has to be the best battle pass they have done…

Ricky Schoner says:

So down for more SMITE info. I just started playing it and need all the help I can get lmao

Enigma Kage says:

MORE SMITE in the Future? Hmmmm

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