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SMITE – Avatar Battle Pass – Available July 2020!

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Join Zuko, Aang, and Avatar Korra on the Battleground of the Gods with the Avatar Battle Pass! Available July 2020 in SMITE!

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Smellyporkchop 1 says:

Did this already come and go? I just started playing smite and the current battle pass doesn’t have these skins.

Matthew Bradley says:

I’m just thinking how cool it is to have Avatar and Rwby in the same game.

DrainedOatmeal says:

Terra toph 😂 he bo katara and maybe.. thor/zeus Azula?

Mede Bedor says:

They should have done a Katara themed Yemoja skin

Tour Quadrillion says:

Release skin when it is slowly fading away. Smart as hell

Cammerdog says:

Anybody else think an azula pele skin would be amazing??

Dante Le says:

Im pissed that they disrespect Katara like that

Xarii says:

Yesss Skadi <3

Druel says:

entire battle pass is pretty disappointing

Alexis Arnó says:

0:38 he did the 'HELLO, ZUKO HERE' thing!!!

Orca Trix says:

Yemoja = Katara (Water based, healing)
Cabrakan = Toph (Earth based, defensive)
Hachiman = Sokka (Tough one to match, but switch bow to boomerang and ultimate horse to Appa maybe?)
Ravana = Suki (H2H fighter with acrobatic attacks)
Zhong Kui = Iroh (Another tough one, Remove brush and scroll, turn spirits into fire)

Rooxy Rooxy says:

Ahre is mi tofu nuwa??

-Ni chan - says:

Smite : hello zuko here

Shadowlord2090 says:

I know this is late but if Smite does more of crossover events in the future they need to do one with the Fate series next

filipe Overbeck says:

okay hi-rez just take my money…
im a 10yo again

ThaJakester says:

My reaction rofl.
Aang: HYPE
Zuko: HYPE
Korra: EWW

미니마우스 says:

is this a mobile game ? 😮

旭平野 says:

People keep saying Terra Toph but I honestly think Toph would be better as Ne Zha. He has closer to her bodytype, movements, and the fire wheels could be turned into earthbending sliding and the ultimate and ring have a lot of potential for cool bending animations. Doesn't have to already be using stone, metal or earth for them to use the animations for it.

Xay Shan says:

Really this is a joke , is stupid to created thi champion and in SMITE existing just Gods .

Azael Accossato says:

I actually don't like the Avatar state mode skin of Aang, it doesn't reflect at all the serious and op personality that he gets when he goes on Avatar state… He still got his funny and nice personality and goes on the air ball with the special… Idk… Just feels not natural… I think of all the second skins in this pack this should be the only one that changes to reflect a little bit more his amazing form and growth in that skin… His fight with Fire Lord Ozai was amazing but this? This is just kind of a "recolor" of normal Aang skin… And in this trailer when they show the second skin it looks soo damn good, but at the end was the changing state animation and the only serious thing about it… Use me as button "I feel the same"

Justin Liu says:

Avaliable on July what? what's the EXACT release date?

FullCaber says:

These are not even gods anymore :/

fernando cozar says:

Two words: Terra Toph

Andres Isaac says:

It would've been better if they were their own character and not just skins

Alfonso Bernaldez says:

Damn!!! Just thinking about introducing Aang and Korra as new gods… Just skins!!! think it's enough though…

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