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Smash Bros. Gets Min Min from ARMS – Easy Allies Reactions

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Sakurai is back to unveil which ARMS character will be the first fighter in the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters pass. (Streamed June 22, 2020)

0:00 – Pre-Show
8:32 – Presentation Starts
44:03 – Post Show

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Janmarcos Pecunia says:

I love going back and seeing people's reaction to the new fighters.
Honestly, Min-Min is a great addition, so if you want to see her in action, check out the link below!

Gabriel Smith says:

The most jaw dropping part of this entire direct was them showing how to deal with the sheriff in no time flat.

Hello You says:

lmao these guys are so ugly

No Filter A Nintendo Podcast says:

That minmin trailer has to be one of their best. That animation is legit

crcoghill says:

apparently the Spring man he was talking about was from Kinnikuman. all i know from the serious was that Ultimate Muscle series dubbed from 4Kids back in the day.

Tasbard says:

My favorite reactor is obviously Min Mins hat

Terence Caron says:

Sakurai is really the best guy. He's just so fun, quirky but also knowledgeable as hell. The king (also that double setup in the living room, thats way more classy than the busy gamers setups)

kingofthesharks says:

My expectations were Minimal, and I was right.

InnerRise says:


Legit thought that said "Arranged by Ms. Ashanti ." 💀💀💀

Bout to lose my entire $h%# and blow the dust off my copy the game.

John A says:

Sak’s flexing on us harder than the game’s arms man.

Janmarcos Pecunia says:

I've been rewatching her gameplay footage since I had to edit my own reaction, but I think she's pretty balanced. I usually play characters that like to fight close up, but I'm patient enough to fight at a distance, so I think I'll do really well with her.
Speaking of which, if you want to see my reaction check out the link below!

SpyengoEen says:

My ramen waifu Min Min in Smash 😍 literally my dream come true! Can't wait for the next fighter announcements!

Flaming Phoenix says:

Ive never played ARMS in my life but she looks cool

TheWaffleTruth says:

Fallout 4 coming to Switch when?

Jacques Nomdefamille says:

As long as Nintendo fans get excited by table scraps like this we'll never get regular exciting new game releases.

Satan Or Devil says:

Only anime I dont mind sub

ded mnwlkn says:

i get why they did her but i still wish it had been Dr.Coil


This looks like a deliberately casual, uncompetitive, "for fun" character and I absolutely love it.

ARMS Study Lab [Tips & Tournaments] says:

The ARMS Community says “Hello.”

As someone with over 1,500 Hours in ARMS, and loves making advanced Tech Videos on the game, I can’t wait for Min Min in Smash! 🥊 Let’s Goooo!

Brandon Soya says:

This is true, about 2 weeks ago I hade a dream about a personified version of Nintendo walking up to Sakurai in a pool telling him to make the new Arms fighter really good so that more people would play the game, now, after watching the reveal I don’t think that was a dream I THINK IM PSYCHIC!!

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