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Smash Bros. DLC Reveal Incoming! Sakurai to Showcase ARMS Fighter in 35 Min Presentation!

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It’s time to finally find out who the next character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is!

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GameXplain says:

To hear our thoughts on who the ARMS Fighter might be check out our Discussion!

John Lai says:

This is going to be great.

Sir Seliph says:

My favorite game to play since Terry's reveal: Which Mii costume is gonna make a good chunk of the Smash community scream more than the actually fighter and nearly disappoint me this time?

The Pineapple King says:

Theory: What if the next character is a Pokémon and is going to be revealed at the Pokémon presents?

Angelintendo says:

Hey! That's coming out on my birthday! That's pretty cool!

SSF2ber says:

My belief is that Springtron has the highest chance of being the fighter, since we already have Spring Man as a assist trophy, wouldn’t it make sense to put his cannon evil cou terpart as a fighter.

Anthony Barraza says:

That's the same time as my summer school.plz don't call me stupid I'm bad at math

Jayden C says:

not gonna lie…ever since it was announced I was excited and happy to see a arms character since it's finally another new nintendo series in smash. plus it just makes sense really

bankaimaster78 says:

Hear that guys?only the arms dlc fighter

Austin The Doge Gamer says:

Lets all pray for jump rope challenge bunny will be the next fighter

Waluigi says:

Smash bro’s is overrated

Robert Sanchez says:

Oh boi I want ninjara or dr coyle

Ws Medley says:

Im hope its for kid cobra man, that would be awesome.

TheEdgy Weeb says:

Hmm…. The Smash Dlc character from arms will be a character that doesn't have a spirit/assist trophy/mii character already in the game, which leaves us with a few more suitable options, Dr coyle definitely has a suitable moveset, Max brass also has a chance, misango definitely has a chance considering the fact that he will play extremely similar to Shulk but unique in its own way, considering the fact that Shulk is in smash and how good and unique of a moveset Shulk has, it wouldn't surprise me if they pick misango. You also would have to keep in mind that it would be a clever idea to add an existing Dlc character from the game arms as a Dlc character in smash for the meme's/jokes considering how much of a troll sakurai is.

Blub Blubby says:

I think it’s a trick and it’ll be an ACTUALLY good character.

RaphKetch says:

Where do we watch the live

Morgan Statham says:

@Gamexplain What if they do something like Pokemon trainer, where it's a multi – tier character?

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