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Shotgun Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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It’s trick-shot-gun shootin’ time!
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zzhmi mrEz says:

There is a kid and he spend two months to buy a basketball because hes poor..and suddenly he saw this 5:26

Poor kid

AW says:

This guy use cheat auto aim

Tarek Phone says:

Hack auto aim

ledelee says:

Who got this in their recommended 4 years later?

anjanie khemkiran says:

My favorite is the mirror shot

Purple_guy02 says:

As you can see this is the National spot of USA

Jax Alexander says:

Who else just scrolled and found this video and is watching it in 2029

AtmosphereRobin says:

cod kids when they realise they get to use guns in outdoor education:

TitanicTNT says:

5:26 How Americans play basketball.

StonyRC says:

I guess it must be down to me – BUT I really don't understand the American penchant for speed-shooting or trick-shots. Seems pretty dumb to me, perhaps I'm missing something?

Can İlarslan says:

You have aimbot

Piotr Witkowski says:

What models of shotguns are you using? are those 20 gauge or 12?

ExtraDIEGO 117 says:

Es puro aimbot

Mr. Reader says:

I need this guys in pubg team 😂

Liam Gibson says:

these vids r AWESOME!

Will Lutz says:

This is just school stereotypes but only one stereotype

Fede Bucce says:

This video is 🤮

Samuel Le says:

Who else noticed the shotguns look like combats from fortnite

Storm Gamble says:

There using the combat

Feint says:

part 2 please

Brudoche says:

i love how they call "shotgun" a semi-automatic weapon that shoots withouth moving a millimeter… a real shotgul cal. 12 would have broken those guys, that things are just toys…

Miracle_M_2009 says:

test 2

TexasGamePrince says:

Imagine all the killed cows

DreamBoutUrMum says:

Lets just say these aren’t technically real shotguns

NotFunnehEli says:

No this is not real, your telling me it was 4 years ago with was uploaded no nononono

ᄅᄋᄏᄏ says:

Is that even possible???

The dope Ass princess says:

My mom won’t even let me play with nerf guns

Pedro Lucas says:

Quem é do Brasil e tá procurando alguém nos comentários que é Brasileiro ?? Hahahahah

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