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Guess who got taken on a second date? THIS GIRL DID! Of course I wanted to talk out my nerves beforehand while getting ready for it, so here was my makeup, outfit, and experience from my second date (the first second in a long while lol) the other week ( ᐛ )و

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★F.A.Q.: https://www.youtube.com/user/thriftthick/about

★Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300
★Editing Software: iMovie

★On my bod:
◇ Tshirt (beginning & end): Goodwill
◇ Flannel: c/o thredUP (Old Navy)
◇ Tank: c/o thredUP
◇ Necklace & Ring: Gifts
◇ Leggings & Socks: Target
◇ Nails: Urban Outfitters Nail Polish “ABYSS” + deborah lippmann “CLEOPATRA IN NEW YORK”
◇ Boots: DSW (Steve Madden)

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★Dating // First Date GRWM’s, Single Life, & MORE!!! (playlist):
◇ https://tinyurl.com/yxnx4d6b

◇ https://youtu.be/y72TwREQWk4

◇ https://youtu.be/f9-6Gz-NbqU

◇ https://youtu.be/YcfhHC7k9Yk

★THIS THING IS MAGIC!!! | Hurricane Fur Wizard (Testing On CAT & DOG Fur)
◇ https://youtu.be/G9LmjCiBlAU

★Dermatillomania (Excoriation Disorder)|My Story
◇ https://youtu.be/AuAP22oIvnw

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★Guerlain Météorites Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer
◇ https://youtu.be/FesLt2YOzZE

★Kaja Cat Nap Under Eye Brightener
◇ https://youtu.be/Du-h8KvPUeA

★Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer “Snow”

★NYX Pro Foundation Mixer “White”
◇ https://youtu.be/PdMbtMq7zEQ

★ZOEVA Authentik Skin Natural Luminous Foundation “050N – Beautiful”
◇ https://youtu.be/FHZ3uvfQ4TA

★ColourPop Flat Kabuki Brush

★Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

★Pretty Vulgar The Powder Room Translucent Setting Powder

★BH Cosmetics Marble Luxe Jumbo Face Brush

★Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo “Fair/Medium”

★BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Small Contour Brush

★Natasha Denona Mini Diamond & Glow Cheek Duo

★Real Techniques Setting Brush

★tarte Amazonian clay 12HR blush “dream”

★BH Cosmetics Marble Luxe Tapered Powder Brush

★smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

★Believe Beauty Brow Defining Pencil “Ash Brown”

★L’Oréal Brow Stylist Shape & Fill Mechanical Pencil “Brunette”

★Kaja Brow Blowout Fiber Gel Brow Definer “03 – Medium Brown”

★SEPHORA COLLECTION Sephora PRO Smokey Jewels Palette

★LUXIE Luminous Eye 111 Mini Flat Angled Brush

★e.l.f. Crease Brush

★Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow Palette “The Starlet”

★Believe Beauty High Drama Fiber Mascara “Intense Black”
◇ https://youtu.be/7yn_C6_F5kI

★DIOR Dior Lip Glow “001 Pink Glow”

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★LBN667 “Let’s Go, Smokes”:
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◇ http://lbn667.bandcamp.com/track/lets-go-smokes

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★I hate that I’m even writing this but I just wanted to assure you all that I purchased all of the items shown—unless explicitly stated otherwise—and am not paid (in terms of a sponsorship) to create and share this video. The above links are not affiliate links unless labeled otherwise; some have been shortened with tiny url to make this description box less messy. Never will you ever be exploited by me!! Pinky promise.



Thetwojs xo says:

Looking beautiful

Ashley L says:

Girl, you're going to be alone forever if you don't give anyone a chance. I think you're afraid of being with someone. Your ex seemed like a douche and it seems like you're not over him. It seems like you keep comparing everyone to him.

Peter Johnson says:

7:55 ksksdk this aged badly

Amy Ring says:

Fur wizard 😂😂😂

Art Lady says:

OMG 😱 why would you want to look at the art ? If that’s what you wanted , GO WITH A FRIEND . I’m not tryin got be rude but at your age you have your friends and does any guy you go out with . Isn’t this to find LOVE ? Or is this to find more buddies ? He was on a DATE ! Damn . Your going to have to let that go . Your to much In your head .

AvrilLavigneFan19844 says:

Cassie, there‘s a German quote I love to refer to: „Willst du gelten, mach dich selten“ which translates to something along the lines of „If you want to count, you need to be rare“. A man who can not wait a few months for his potential love of his life is not the right man. You will find love eventually 🙂

Rambler Jambler says:

I may be alone in this, but I don't think it's wrong of you at all to wait for someone you have an instant connection with. Life is too short to settle.

Ted Cruz says:

This sounds like the inner monologue of a wattpad 16 year old protagonist

Larisa S says:

love this series !!!! u legit say what a lot of ppl think about internally but don’t want to admit out loud

Saiiren says:

I hope you do another dating video for your next meetup with this guy, I really enjoy them although I myself am married. I think this could go really well if you would give it the chance and just let it flow.

L S says:

You’re nervous and in a dither—you’re entitled to be. It will pass as you accept a new friend that may become more. Right now, lots of hopes for this “friend” opportunity. 💗
PS: Any chance you have something fun planned that you could invite him to join? Not a date—just fun, could enjoy some company. I.e: a trip to the art store??? Maybe that will slip the idea of friends to him. You’re right—not knowing is definitely ok.

Morgan trask says:

Ex my ass lol 😂

VanessaLou Conti says:

Oppose! I accidentally unsubbed (I watch/ listen at night and sometimes fall asleep on my phone) I WONDERED why there weren’t any videos this week! 😂Ready to watch this and fold some laundry. 👍

Abigail Brokaw says:

“I want the spark I had with my ex”. Well things didn’t end so well with him did they? Try something unfamiliar.

A Dumb Millennial says:

You don't owe any man anything. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a relationship or not. Downloading bumble does not mean you owe anyone a relationship even if that is what you are looking for. Same with sex. And if a man wants to get mad over that then that is their problem. Still being hung up on your ex, however, is your problem. If I were you I wouldn't tell the new man about the last ex but I would just tell him I want to take things slowly and he should respect that. You need to be in a relationship with yourself first. Do not cheat on yourself.

MyEu4ia says:

And… Please don't mind the negative though love-people.. Maybe you are demisexual or something? Like you need that friendship before you can really fall for someone. I think you should follow your heart girl! Some people need to wait with the kisses and sexy things and you should not be ashamed of it! You feel what you feel 🙂

MyEu4ia says:

Hey! Your arms look great 😀 I just remember watching a video from a whiiile ago and I just.. I'm so happy you got better <3 🙂 You look less… stressed out as well? 🙂

Carli Wagner says:

I love how u still talk while applying products

Carli Wagner says:

I understand what you’re saying in the beginning and “playing the game” but u can still contact him here and there when thinking about him. I’m sure he would have appreciated it and the fact that he was so easy going and natural with thin on the first date… he prob is thinking same kind of vibe as you are with the keeping it coy… just let yourself go a little bit

Vicky Stevenson says:

Enjoyed your video….so I subscribed 💗👍🌿

gabrielle slaughter says:

Cassie I relate sooo much. I’m very introverted so when I met my ex it was such a shock to myself that we were together for 6 years and I fell deeply in love (again shocking) so after we broke up I spent awhile alone but I also didn’t want to let myself slumber around forever on this guy. I tried dating and I’ve been trying to find that “spark” but literally I self sabotage. I’ll meet a nice guy but will literally find any excuse of why I shouldn’t like him. It’s so frustrating that I’m like this but shit happens. I’m hoping you feel great and have an amazing year! ❤️

Kianaaahhh says:

I want to see you with highlights!

Heather says:

I love your personality you remind me so much of me except I’m so nervous to date I don’t try at all lol Honestly, you’ve got to just go out and get to know someone. I know you want that passion and I’m the same way BUT for long term, you need compatibility and then the spark may or may not come. Just keep meeting people. Keep seeking connections. Worry about yourself, not what the guys think. Honesty is best! Legit it’s too much work to try and behave in a way that isn’t natural to you – I still think 🤔 I’ll find someone who loves me for my goofy awkward self. I do feel you good back emotionally and just go thru the motions because your terrified of getting hurt- I’m there girl. I get it. The spark should be there for sure but it might be an ember lol not a firework.

Tara Woon says:

what I really want to know is…. is that fur remover wizard thing worth it? Been eyeing one up for ages lol the fur mama life

Paula Perkins says:

I know I’m late to the party, but here’s my experience. I had that “spark” right away with my ex-husband. Four years later, he found the spark with someone else and left me alone with 2 kids. 😬
When I met my now husband, there wasn’t a spark right away. Partly because I think I was rather guarded after my experience. He felt the spark right away, but not me. He was patient and remained my friend. He said he would rather have my friendship than nothing at all. Five months later, he had won me over. We will be married 10 years in July. We fell in love for the right reasons. Relationships have ups and downs. A rock solid friendship gets you through the downs. I think building a relationship on friendship is way too underrated.

Carolyn K says:

Trust your gut.

G says:

Let's be honest…you don't go on dates to focus on the activity of the date. You go on dates to chat, and focus on each other. The date activity is just to make getting to know someone less awkard/easier. So the fact that he was focused on chatting with you is very good!! Could you imagine if he was totally focused on the art and didn't say much?

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