Scary SPIN THE WHEEL Challenge (Don't TRY THIS)

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Amidst lockdown, we decided to do something scary. We decided to try out some scary games that shouldn’t be ever tried. Some of the dares of our 3 AM challenge included playing Charlie Charlie pencil game, Bloody Mary dare, and many more. Dive into our world of supernatural and find out if these challenges even work!!

A big shoutout to Faze Rug as we had first seen him do this video!! #Spinthewheeel #horrorstories #3amchallenge
Also, shoutout to Khooni Monday!

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Rashmi Barsagade says:

Wow 👌 super cool

super tik tok Amy ita. says:

You don't know charlie charlie pancile game is don't ↗↖ it is ⬆⬅

sarthak gupta says:

Yes spin se jyada background scary hai

legoman singh says:

When I was 8 year old so I was sleeping i heard something at 3 pm then I woke I saw that pc on but I did off, in I saw ghost in my pc so I call my dad and mom when my dad and mom came so ghost is not there

Harendra Jadeja says:

Suniye aapane Ek Bar Charlie Charlie challenge kiya tha na Dena Na ki vah Charlie Charlie game Hai Ek real game Hai vah Ek England ka insan hai aap usko ignore mat kijiye aap is game ko Wapas ke liye

Suman Suman says:

Car ke piche wali seat pe kon tha

ssk gaming says:

Blodymarry exist itried it iamdead

Akshat Vats says:

4:15 bhai khooni monday channel ki video dekh kr story suna de 🤣🤣😂😂

Alisha khan says:

Jab unhone bole ghunguru ki aawaz aayi in story, so i just hear little sound of ghungroo from my balcony 2 to 3 times and then stop, but in my house no one wears, I don't know what was that 😨😨

Viraj tailor says:

I like your chanal

Arun Saini says:

You set wrong side pencil

Debasree Dasgupta says:

Me nine years hu rajdeep 😜

archana shukla says:

I love this channel and triggered insaan

pratham aryal says:

Suno ek horror story batana Hanako San

Lina Biswas says:

Lol you are not sarcastic

zoel zaheer says:

All time I hear it knock behind you

Abha Singh says:

Do Bloody Mary dare correctly

Aneeka Koul says:

I hope you will respond this question,
In which place are you in delhi??
Please answer

Pinkee Dutta says:


Vikash Sagar Singh says:

Makeup challenge please please

Aviral Bhagat says:

When at night i was coming from kolkata to durgapur west bengal . And sudden a women came in front of car we stopped the car and the driver take turn and ran fast he told that she is a ghost and she told every driver to take her to her house and when the diver tell his father that his daughter is home and he says that she died 5years ago .
A amazing fact is that if someone harm the tree than the ghost kills that person via accident …

Anee Sarker says:


Aviral Bhagat says:

What the f**k😲😲😲😲

S Mishra says:

Triggered bhai ko aana tha

Arush Magarpatrel says:

3 AM pa hotaha

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